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Just Landed: The Lightweight Obermayer Evo

Derek Yarra |

Whenever a cyclist thinks of ultimate high-end wheels, there's no doubt that Lightweight is among one of the first brands that come to mind. With their sleek v shape, carbon hubs, and signature carbon spokes, the German-made cabon fiber bike wheels have achieved iconic status since they hit the ground rolling in 1993. Throughout all the years that followed, Lightweight wheels haven't stopped impressing us with just how dramatically they can positively affect the ride characteristics of any bike they're slung on. That tradition continues with the brand new Obermayer EVO.

obermayer evo hub detail

Lightweight has never been overly concerned with following trends or making drastic design changes for the sake of something new. At a glance, these brand new Obermayers are nearly indistinguishable from their original spoked wheel back in 1990. It's a rather impressive feat and a testament to their original, innovative designs that they've managed to continue to up the performance ante while staying faithful to their classic silhouette.

The mid-depth wheel is their new range-topping disc brake offering, slating above the already remarkable Meilenstein. The new Evo variant brings the Obermayer bang up to date with a wider internal width to accommodate larger tubeless tires while losing none of its superlative performance. And, of course, the Schwarz Edition comes equipped with CeramicSpeed bearings.

obermayer evo details

On our scales, they come in at just 1,251 g - pretty impressive for a tubeless disc-brake wheel. Sure, there are a few other comparably deep wheels that come in a hair lighter, but in this weight bracket, you'd be hard-pressed to find a wheel that can hold a candle to the Obermayer's stiffness, acceleration and cornering stability.

obermayer evo on bike

Our first set arrived just this week, and we can't wait to see them roll. We've got limited quantities of these exclusive wheels trickling in regularly, so reach out to reserve a set for yourself today!

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