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Zipp 353 NSW Tubeless Disc Brake Wheelset

Zipp 353 NSW in use

The Zipp 353 NSW Tubeless Disc Brake Wheelset

Meet the new Zipp 353 NSW, a wheel that once again puts Zipp at the forefront of road racing technology. Read More


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Zipp 353 NSW - Mixed Surfaces


The Zipp 353 NSW wheels feature the same Sawtooth technology that debuted with the US brand's 454 wheels. But the 353s are far more than a shrunk down copy set to a shorter depth. Instead, the Zipp 353 NSWs feature a completely new design that greatly benefits from the lessons Zipp learned while making the 303 Firecrests.

So why the funny shape? The Sawtooth technology is proven to stabilize the wheel's behavior in varying crosswinds, so you never waste focus keeping the bike under control. Creating the Sawtooth profile takes nearly four times as long to manufacture as a standard 303, but as we know well, good things are worth the investment.

At 1255g, Zipp's 353s are the lightest set of disc-brake wheels they've made yet. They're one of the most lightweight tubeless disc wheels we've seen, period, which means your aero wheels can also now be your climbing wheels. With a 25mm inner width, they can support the widest of tires, making them a worthy choice for your gravel wheels, too. The hookless bead lets tires sit more flush with the rim's edge for a more significant aero advantage. It also allows for a manufacturing process that makes them stronger and lighter.

Zipp know that speed isn't just about weight and aerodynamics. It's about rolling resistance too. So just like the 303 Firecrests, the 353 NSW wheels are designed with Total System Efficiency Technology - Zipp's marketing speak for engineered compliance and vibration damping - meaning they smooth out the chatter so you can roll faster.

For our first hand review on the new 353 NSW, check out the journal here. 


  • Total System Efficiency Technology
  • ImPress
  • Sawtooth
  • Axial Clutch V2
  • HexFin
  • Hyperfoils
  • A versatile endurance wheelset for the modern road bike with tubeless and hookless rim profile
  • Zipp’s lightest tubeless wheelset yet, making it a fast-puncher ready to fight
  • Optimized tire bed for easy tire installation
  • TSE for greater efficiency and reduced rolling resistance
  • Sawtooth rim with Hyperfoil nodes and HexFin ABLC dimple pattern for top aero and crosswind-stability performance with an undulating rim depth
  • Cognition V2 hubset rolls efficiently whether you are pedaling or coasting. Its Axial ClutchV2 technology reduces drag and lowers friction
  • Ships with 12mm front and rear end caps
  • Center locking rotor interface. Lockring is included with the wheels
  • XDR or SRAM/Shimano driver bodies
  • Zipp graphics applied using Zipp’s ImPress direct-print technology
  • Campagnolo driver body sold separately
  • Weight (F/R) 580g / 675g* - *Lightest configuration: 12mm through axles and XDR body. No tape or valve include
  • Lifetime Warranty 

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The ultimate allrounder. Floating up climbs, railing descents, and making light work of stiff cross winds - the 353 NSW wheelset is a leader across the board.

Brennan Wertz - Professional Gravel Racer

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