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So far it’s a solo ride.

12 Days of Breathtaking Builds 2021: Day 11 - A Master Mechanic's No22 Reactor

Derek Yarra |

On the penultimate day of our end of year countdown, we're unveiling a bike that's never before seen the light of day, or at least, a feature on our journal. For Day 11 of our Breathtaking Build series, we give you a No. 22 Reactor - but not just any Reactor. This one was the personal build of our very own service manager, Robert. When a master mechanic builds a machine of their own, you know it's going to be good!robert no22 reactor

"The Luddite mechanic's bike of choice. While most of the industry moves toward disc and electronic groups, this bike takes the cake for my favorite bike assembled in 2021. This was a long time coming, but the wait was worth it. The tubular Enve 4.5 SES + custom SilkGraphic high polish/red decal's laced to red CKR45 hubs and the timeless finish really brought the bike together for me. The fork was painted by our friends at VéloColour to match the hubs, and I tagged a few other slight hints of red on the CeramicSpeed pulley wheels, EE Cycle bar end plugs and used a red Phenon top cap bolt. This bike is so stable on the descents coming in a hair under 15 1/2 lb for a metal bike. I geeked out and used some small o- rings from a bleed syringe kit on the rear brake vs standard donuts and swapped out the stem/cages hardware with BetterBolts titanium hardware. So juiced on this project and happy to call this one my own. Special thanks to Jens for making this project all possible." - Robert

12 days day 11 roberts no22

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