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So far it’s a solo ride.

The Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds: Day Six - The Surgeon's Argonaut

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Halfway points. Sometimes they're celebrated. Sometimes they're dreaded. Sometimes, like the 11km sign in a 20km TT that's going really well, they're a moment of elation as our power ticks upward and the Slayer pounding in our head amplifies. That's how the Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds is going. No, this isn't a ranking, but rest assured, like a fireworks show, there will be a finale. And it will be mind-melting.

TODAY: The Surgeon's Argonaut graces the series. The Surgeon first came to us with his previous bike needing some love. We gave it that and more, until The Surgeon eventually caved to the siren song of a custom Argonaut. This one is a little louder than Day Two's black-on-black number, with alternating violet and green hues punctuating the lustrous white basecoat. Accenting the build are violet White Industries hubs custom-laced to Zipp 303 rims, giving additional longevity to the wheelset and panache to the build. Wrapping up the wheels are Vittoria's now-discontinued Corsa Pavé tires, with eecycleworks' trick brakeset bringing the Bend-born bottle rocket to a halt. SRAM's featherweight Red 22 group makes a reprieve in the series, complimenting the Zipp hoops nicely. And finally, a fiz'i:k 00 carbon cockpit, because there's no substitute for that saddle - or that seatpost. The last words on this bike? CeramicSpeed bottom bracket, pulleys, and King Ti cages. It's all about the little touches.

Argonaut Custom Carbon Bike side

Argonaut Custom Carbon bicycle frame details

Argonaut Custom Carbon bike rear hub

Argonaut custom carbon bike rear derailuer

Argonaut custom carbon bicycle ceramicspeed pulley wheels

Argonaut custom carbon bicycle rear stays

Argonaut custom carbon bicycle paint details

argonaut custom carbon bicycle wheels

Argonaut custom carbon bike white industries hub

Argonaut custom carbon bicycle paint details

Argonaut custom carbon bicycle fork paint

Argonaut custom carbon bicycle paint detail

Argonaut custom carbon bicycle seatpost

argonaut custom carbon bicycle side

Argonaut custom carbon bicycle nondrive side

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