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So far it’s a solo ride.

The Dirt East Peak TT: Plan Your Route

Derek Yarra |

The Dirt East Peak TT is finally here. In the weeks leading up to now, we've delved into all of our preparations for the solo hill climb effort from training to equipment, to a detailed examination of the course itself. The point to point course, however, starts a bit in the middle of nowhere and we've yet to cover how exactly to get there.

While you could drive yourself and park at the start, we'd much rather pedal out there and make a day of it. How you get there and back home is entirely up to you, but we thought we'd provide a few different loops from the studio to knock out the TT. 

Route 1

This first option is one of the most straight forward loops to get to the start, knock out the climb, and get back home fast. If you're pressed for time or aren't quite sure how up to the task your legs are, this could be a great option for you. Rolling north from AC, you'll take the road up and over the Shoreline Highway to Muir Beach. Keep going straight towards Muir Woods and you'll find yourself at the foot of the Deer Park trailhead. 

Once you've laid down your best effort to the top, you'll flip it around and cruise back down Rail Road Grade. Passing throw through Double Bow Knot, take Gravity Car trail to the Panoramic Highway, and make the casual descent on the pavement back to Sausalito.

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map 1

Route 1 profile

30.46 mi  |  3,290 ft Elevation  |  57% Pavement / 43% Dirt

Route 2

Craving more dirt and want a bit more of a warm up before hitting the course? Option 2 could be for you. Again heading north from AC, you'll head out to Tennessee Valley. When you near the beach, you'll take the steep climb up Coastal Trail to Coyote Ridge and across the Miwok Trail ridge line. Descend on the road down to Muir Beach and follow the road along to the course.

Does anyone really love double backing on a loop? Once you've crushed the climb, test the endurance of your hands and brakes by dropping down Eldridge Grade to Hoo-Koo E-Koo, and then back into Mil Valley via Rail Road Grade. Grab a coffee at Equator of you'd like before spinning it back to the AC Studio on the road.

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Map 2

profile 2

34.80 mi  |  4,004 ft Elevation  |  33% Pavement / 67% Dirt

Route 3

We'll call this one the mullet route for those who want to get straight to business then party their way back home. Spin up the road to Mill Valley and take the classic route up Marion to Four Corners. From there you'll drop into Muir Woods to the start of Deer Park. Paved, fast, and straight to the point.

Once you've knocked out the TT it's time to get your shred on. Spin out your legs on the road before ripping down the Coast View Single track. More single track follows with the climb up Deer Park. Back up near four corners, you'll take the dirt through the headlands back to AC.

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map 3

profile 3

39.46 mi  |  5,677 ft Elevation  |  37% Pavement / 63% Dirt

Route 4

Where the (all-) roadies at? With the exception of the course itself, this option is all on the road. Take the road up Panoramic and hook right to Four Corners. Drop into Muir Woods and prepare to throw down. 

After you've made it to the summit, you can take in the views before dropping down on the road all the way to Stinson Beach. From here enjoy the coastline all the way back to AC. headquarters.

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map 4

profile 4

37.78 mi  |  4,865 ft Elevation  |  70% Pavement / 30% Dirt

Route 5

We get it. Some of you are super human, and some of you are just kooks who like to go big. If that's you, Brennan put together this route just for you. Head south from the studio and make your way to the Headlands dirt. Not one, not two, but three climbs in ascending difficulty all to get your primed and ready for the TT.

With such a easy warm up, you'll need an equally low key cool down, right? From East Peak, head west on E Ridgecrest Blvd. to Rock Springs fire road. From here you'll bomb your way down for a dirt tour of the Watershed. Enter back into civilization in Ross and spin your way back to Sausalito on the road. Super casual, right?

Get the route here

map 5

profile 5

47.69 mi  |  6,338 ft Elevation  |  32% Pavement / 68% Dirt

So what's it gonna be? Straight to the point or an all day affair? Will you save your legs for the glory or say "screw it" and pack in more miles? What ever you choose, it's sure to be a great day out. Of course these routes are all just options for your reference, and by all means piece together a route of your own. We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with! Don't forget to tag us in photos from your ride and remember to log your efforts on the sign up page.  Good luck and have fun!

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