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Q36.5's Dottore Bibshort: Updated to v2.0

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Back in July, we reviewed Q36.5's new Dottore bibshort, the Italian apparel tech house's new flagship piece. From a comfort and performance perspective, we were absolutely smitten, but we had a complaint, and one that Q36.5 took to heart: The length. Even on the longest-legged members of the AC crew, the Dottore's laser-cut gripper hit right at the knee. We're aware, the hottest trend in bibs is turning them into capris. Unfortunately, we tend to fall into the Tommy V. camp when it comes to bibshort length.

Italy has heard our plea. The freshest version of the Dottore, what we've dubbed v2.0, has a 2cm shorter leg. Standard-length short fans, rejoice!

Other changes? Nil. With the aesthetics improved, the Dottore encroaches into "Favorite Bib" territory. All-black and a grey (Squalo) options make for a stealthy pairing with almost any top from any brand.




Shop the updated Q36.5 Dottore Bibshort here


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