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So far it’s a solo ride.

Out with the Elements: Week Two

Brennan Wertz |

This week featured some uncharacteristically warm weather. Unfortunately, it was also a week where I would ultimately end up overdressing and being a bit too warm on three separate occasions (I guess I am struggling to learn from my mistake). Fortunately, all these garments I have been wearing are still very breathable and insulating when wet with sweat from a ride. So join me this week on my ‘Road to Winter’ to see what worked and what didn’t when dressing for my rides.

q36.5 layers

Nov. 8 - Monday

Drove home from Santa Barbara after the event with Mosaic. No ride today.

Nov. 9 - Tuesday

Conditions - Cold and pouring rain the entire time. 12-14 degrees celsius.

The Ride - 12k run in the Marin Headlands. I decided to go for a trail run instead of riding in the rain. Did some of my regular gravel routes on foot, which was a cool experience! 

The Stats - 1:56:11 / 32.2km / 1019m / 16.8kph / 233np / 1333kj

The Layers - Turtleneck Base Layer #4, R Shell Protect X rain jacket, running shorts, Ultralong Black Socks, trail running shoes.

What Worked - The rain was coming down hard and steady the whole time I was running. I was warm and pretty dry for the entirety of the run. There was also a stiff wind coming off the ocean and the rain jacket did a phenomenal job keeping the wind out, even when it was covered in rain water. The turtleneck base layer was also fantastic! That base layer is incredibly insulating, which I appreciated for the majority of the run. 

What Didn’t - I did get a bit hot when running up Bobcat Trail, a gravel climb in the Marin Headlands. It was around a 20 minute effort for this off-season cyclist on foot and towards the end of the climb I could feel my core temperature rising. Fortunately, I had the wind-driven rain coming from behind and was being guided up the climb by a decent tailwind. As I neared the top I unzipped the rain jacket a bit and that additional airflow helped my core body temperature return to a more stable level. 

brennan q tuesday

Nov. 10 - Wednesday

Conditions - Warm to start when rolling out in the late afternoon. As the sun began to set the temperature quickly dropped. Pretty chilly on the descent back down the mountain in the dark. It was around 18 degrees celsius in the beginning of the ride, but it dropped down to around 10-12 on the descent after the sun went down.

The Ride - An afternoon Stinson loop on my Mosaic GT-1 in ‘All-Road’ mode with the Rene Herse Snoqualmie Pass 44c slicks. I rolled Highway 1 to Muir Beach, then Stinson Beach, then turned onto Panoramic Highway and climbed to the Pantoll Ranger Station before descending back down to Sausalito.

The Stats - 1:55:12 / 48.1km / 995m / 25.1kph / 306np / 1812kj

The Layers - Sleeveless Base Layer #1, Black Hybrid Que Longsleeve Jersey, Black Air Shell Jacket, Unique Bib Shorts, Woolf Leg Warmers, Ultralong White Socks, White Unique Road Shoes, Hybrid Overshoes, Hybrid Gloves

What Worked - Again the Hybrid Overshoes really shone today when riding on the roads that were still damp at points. I also rode in the evening and I was glad I had the extra layer of insulation over my feet when descending back down Mt Tam as the sun was setting and the temperature was dropping.

What Didn’t - Not a whole lot to be honest. The only change I would have made to this outfit would have been the Anfibio Gloves in lieu of the Hybrid Gloves, since my hands did get a bit cold on the descent back home after the sun had set. 

brennan q wednesday

Nov. 11 - Thursday

Conditions - Cool early in the morning before the sun was up but then very warm on Mt. Tam while climbing.

The Ride - Dawn Patrol! Racing up Railroad Grade to try and catch the sunrise from the top. Rode up the gravel climb in the dark and saw the sunrise as I approached the summit. After watching the sunrise, I descended Panoramic Highway to Miwok Fire Road and rode back to Sausalito on the gravel roads in the Marin Headlands. 

The Stats - 2:54:46 / 62.0km / 1427m / 21.3kph / 295np / 2481kj

The Layers - Sleeveless Base Layer #1, Black Woolf Short Sleeve Jersey, Woolf Arm Warmers, Black Woolf Bib Shorts, Woolf Leg Warmers, Olive Green Adventure Insulation Vest, Ultralong Black Socks, White Unique Road Shoes, Hybrid Overshoes, Hybrid Gloves. 

What Worked - The Woolf jerseys and warmers are very breathable and insulating, especially when wet with a few hours worth of sweat. I built up a decent amount of heat on the way up the mountain and became rather sweaty. 

What Didn’t - While the Adventure Insulation Vest was great to have on the descent back down the mountain and the early roll to the base of Railroad Grade, I think it was mostly unnecessary given the temperature and how warm the Woolf garments are. I was pretty warm and sweaty for much of this ride and didn’t have much of a need for the extra warmth of the Adventure Vest on this 

 brennan q thursday

Nov. 12 - Friday

Conditions - Warm, sunny, very little wind - a beautiful day for a ride! Started late morning with temperatures around 19 degrees celsius. By the time I arrived home the thermometer was tolling 24 degrees.

The Ride - Another Stinson Beach loop, albeit this time I was on my wonderful Pegoretti Marcelo. I was particularly interested in seeing the differences between my Mosaic GT-1 gravel bike with 44c slicks and the pure road bike. 

The Stats - 2:06:16 / 56.1km / 1086m / 26.6kph / 303np / 1996kj

The Layers - Sleeveless Base Layer #1, AC x Q36.5 Long Sleeve Jersey, Black Long Salopette L1 X Tights, Ultralong White Socks, White Unique Road Shoes, Unique Summer Unique Gloves.

What Worked - This outfit was generally pretty breathable when I was riding and I was able to add additional breathability when climbing by unzipping the jersey. This is also a nice outfit since it makes getting dressed and out the door much easier since it is so simple. 

What Didn’t - I was way too hot today. I totally miscalculated how warm it would be. While this outfit is an easy one to get dressed with due to the minimal layers, it also makes it difficult to cool down when the temperature rises. As I was riding along the coast, the sun kept rising and I found myself completely overdressed and overheating. I returned home with a bunch of sweat-soaked clothes. 


Nov. 13 - Saturday

Conditions - Quite cold in the morning, misty in the valleys, but then very sunny and warm halfway through the ride. The latter half of the ride up on Mt Tam felt like a proper summer day! Started off around 12 degrees celsius and then rose up to 25 degrees by the middle of the ride. The average temperature was 18 degrees.

The Ride - Road loop with Chad and a few others. Rode Sir Francis Drake Boulevard through Samuel P. Taylor State Park, went around the Nicasio Reservoir and back to Fairfax. From Fairfax we rode up and over Mt. Dam via Alpine Dam and returned to Sausalito via Panoramic Highway.

The Stats - 4:28:35 / 116.0km / 1538m / 26.0kph / 249np / 3226kj

The Layers - Sleeveless Base Layer #1, Black Hybrid Que Long Sleeve Jersey, Unique Bib Short, Black Sun & Air Leg Warmers, Ultralong White Socks, White Unique Road Shoes, Unique Gloves

What Worked - In the morning the Hybrid Que Long Sleeve was absolutely perfect. Climbing some of the early hills on the way to Fairfax, I was able to unzip the jersey a bit and get some additional ventilation. When riding through San Geronimo Valley with the group, the air was still very crisp and I was glad I had the warmth that jersey and the Sun & Air leg warmers provided. As the ride progressed and the temperature rose, my legs didn’t feel like they were overheating, even with the leg warmers on. These warmers are fantastic and perform well throughout a massive temperature range 

What Didn’t - Once again, I found myself overheating a bit later in the ride. My lower body was really comfortable all day with the Unique Bib Shorts and the Sun & Air Leg Warmers, but as the temperature rose, I did find myself riding more and more regularly with the Hybrid Que Long Sleeve Jersey partially or completely unzipped. While the heat never became unmanageable, I do think I would have been better off with a Pinstripe X Long Sleeve Jersey and either the Essential Vest or the Air Vest. For longer rides like this where the temperature has a tendency to change drastically during the course of the ride, I usually try to start out a bit underdressed so that later in the ride I don’t have too many layers to shed. There is always a good lesson to be learned on days like this.

brennan q day 5

Nov. 14 - Sunday

Conditions - Cold, windy, and foggy to start. The temperature rose substantially when climbing up Mt. Tam and remained quite warm for the rest of the ride. 

The Ride - Up Old Railroad Grade on the dirt to the Pantoll Ranger Station, down Panoramic Highway to Stinson Beach, up Bofax Road, up Seven Sisters, down Panoramic Highway back to Sausalito. 

The Stats - 3:35:30 / 71.7km / 1382m / 20.0kph / 249np / 2424kj

The Layers - Sleeveless Base Layer #1, AC x Q36.5 Long Sleeve Jersey, AC x Q36.5 Essential Vest, Long Salopette L1 X Tights, Ultralong White Socks, White Unique Road Shoes, Unique Gloves

What Worked - Today I was planning on riding a bit easier, so I figured I would dress a bit warmer than normal, while still keeping in mind the fact I had ‘overdressed’ on the last two days. I was comfortable on the descents, but unfortunately seemed to have done it again...

What Didn’t - For the third day in a row, I properly overdressed… At least today I had a vest I could take off as the temperatures rose while climbing, but I was still hot while climbing and while riding along the Bolinas Lagoon in the sun. When I was rolling out it was cool and foggy in Sausalito, however out along the coast in the sunshine, the temperature was much warmer. This warm fall weather has been quite pleasant, but it has been catching me off guard.

brennan q day 6

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