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So far it’s a solo ride.

Landshark Track Bike

Anthony Little |

This is a Landshark Track bike, built with an interesting mix of specialty track parts that Chad set up for his own use.

The double-strap cinch has long been a reliable choice for track racers to secure themselves to the pedals. It is engineered to withstand and support the extremely high power outputs of top sprinters.
These Dugast track tires are handmade in a very small plant in Holland. They feature cotton sidewalls, which are suited to concrete tracks due to their stiffer support (rather than silk sidewalls, which are suited to wood tracks). The tread is grippy, and THIN! These tires are built to last for just about 20km of racing. At $160 a tire, you'd better have designs on winning.
Landshark skull and crossbones.
The Kashimax Gold saddle has special narrow rails to reduce interference with the rider's quads. The bolt is also narrower. Everything is engineered for maximum power transfer to the drivetrain.

Spokes are tied and soldered to increase stiffness which in turn facilitates power transfer.
All Landshark frames are handmade in Medford, Oregon by John Slawta.
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