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So far it’s a solo ride.


Anthony Little |

Fresh off the UPS truck this morning; the brand new Enve 6.7 wheel set. Seems like it’s been ages since we first talked to Jason and Jake of Enve Composites about these but they were true to their word and they have arrived!
We should hopefully have some tires glued on and have these on a bike in the next few days to see how they ride, but at first glance they look like they will deliver…


In the last few months Edge has changed their name, introduced new wheels and even changed the box…


The 60mm front wheel on the left and the 70mm rear wheel to the right.

Developed in conjunction with Simon Smart, the F1 aerodynamics expert.

Made here.


Check in with us as we’ll be getting the miles in and will be able to tell you exactly what we feel about these new wheels. The 6.7 is the first model out in the new “Smart” range. Next up a lighter model, the 3.4 and then…
We have a couple pairs of these now, but they’ll go fast, so give us a shout to get a pair set up for that next time trial, triathlon or Sunday world championship ride!
For more information on these wheels, click HERE.


Thanks for reading!

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