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Launching the Ceramicspeed Cerakote OSPW X System

Peter Harrington |

It's no secret that we love Ceramicspeed. So when the Danish components brand asked us to help them launch their limited-edition Cerakote OSPW X system, we jumped at the chance to get up close with their new off-road pulleys here at AC and out on our favourite trails in Marin.

For those who don't know (and there's no real reason you should), Cerakote is a polymer-ceramic composite coating that offers impressive durability, hardness, scratch and corrosion resistance. It's commonly used in the automotive and aerospace industries, where its ability to stand up to challenging conditions here on Earth and in outer space comes in pretty handy.

Ceramicspeed Cerakote OSPW X System - Military Olive

A couple of years ago, Ceramicspeed kicked off a material study that experimented with different coatings as part of their ongoing efforts to further enhance the durability of their products, and Cerakote's sterling benefits made the grade. Keen to play with the composite's aesthetic and material appeal, Ceramicspeed created limited-edition Cerakote Bronze, Gunmetal, and Military Olive matte versions of their proven over-sized pulley system, OSPW X.

And they look amazing. Sometimes good looks get thrown under the bus en route to better performance, but in our experience, the products that stick with you marry great design and high performance, and the Ceramicspeed Cerakote OSPW X pulleys don't disappoint. We had plenty of time to admire them while AC Service Manager Robert Gee installed the gunmetal and olive versions on Brennan Wertz's Pinarello Grevil F and Salifu Mohammed's Mosaic GT-1 before we took both riders out for a gravel shoot on some of our favorite trails around Marin.

Ceramicspeed Cerakote OSPW X Install

Cerakote Ceramicspeed Pulley Install

Ceramicspeed Cerakote Bronze

We'll be stocking all three Cerakote OSPW X system colors at the shop, so drop us a line to reverse yours today.

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