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So far it’s a solo ride.

Building a Baum Part II, the Ristretto.

Anthony Little |

The day has finally come, it’s been a long trip from Australia. Hopefully the frames have been packed well…

Both the Ristretto and the Corretto were perfectly packed and then all work stopped in the shop as we unpacked and oogled them.

The frameset as it comes from Baum. Frame, fork, headset, stem, seatpost and cages, ready to go…

Take weight off where ever you can! A small but elegant detail.

Baum chases all the faces in house and is as clean a job we’ve ever seen.

The King titanium cages are bead blasted to match the finish of Baum’s titanium frames. Looks great on the steel frames as well.

The reason the shifter barrel adjusters are on the head tube instead of the down tube is because the down tube is so thin that you would burn right through it if you put them there…

The Deda Zero 100 SC stem painted to match. Even though we had a precise CAD drawing of our specs for the frame before building it, Baum kept 10mm of spacers available just in case. It was not needed and they’ll be lopped off soon enough.

Baums Headbadge. Rumers are it will be changing for all bikes with the GT paint schemes.

Many layers of masking, perfectly executed.

Hard to see in this picture, but Baum uses the absolute minimum amount of threads in the BB shell that are needed. This is a small detail but was noticed right away. This allows for a thinner and thusly lighter BB shell.

Chris King tools are as nice as thier components and we look forward to every chance we have of using them.

The beautiful thing about threaded bottom bracket shells is that you can use the best bottem brackets made, Chris King.

Next thing to go on the bike is our trusty Dura-Ace SRM. This is the 4th bike that this particular unit has been on and has not missed a beat.

Getting there. Did the first ride with the Lightweights but have been trying a few different wheels with this bike since.

The competed bike with Mavic’s Ksyrium SLR wheel set in place.

In the next day or so we’ll have the important details, like how it rides!  We’ll break down the parts used and how they change the ride characteristics of the overall package.  Then it will be on to the Corretto, but all in due time.

Thanks for reading and please come in or give us a call to find out more about these incredible bikes!

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