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So far it’s a solo ride.

BOTW - Blue on Blue Baum Beauty (say that 10 times fast)

Derek Yarra |

This week we're going to highlight one of our favorite Baums to date. Okay, I know it's wrong to pick favorites and that we probably say that every time, so let's scratch that. This time around our bike of the week is yet another stunning Baum Corretto, wonderfully dressed in Campagnolo and with simple yet elegant blue paint. This one we built for a friend out in San Antonio, where it's currently being put through it's paces in the Texas heat.

We had a lot of fun on this build. It was a case where our client knew he wanted a Corretto, gave us his fit metrics, and how and where he liked to ride. From there he wanted to keep it simple on his end and leave the rest up to our expertise. Here's what we came up with:


We wanted to keep this bike classic and simple. Nothing to wild with the colors and a fairly straight forward build, trustworthy of day in and day out riding. One thing you should know about this guy is that he rides, like really rides. We're taking 200 plus miles a week rides. There was no room on this bike for anything we didn't trust. Additionally, he was coming off of a Pinarello Dogma, so the bike as a whole needed to be a perfect compliment to his existing steed.


When you have pretty much free reign to choose the paint on a custom bike, it can sometimes be just as overwhelming as it is exciting. In this case, our rider knew he wanted blue and left the rest to us. We took the blue, ran with it, and decided on a blue on blue two tone using Baum's GTR Solid paint scheme. Needless to say, it came out incredible (and even slightly reminiscent of the elusive blue Cannondale track bikes from the early 90's).

Baum Corretto Custom Titanium Bike drivetrain

With the frame squared away, it was time to select the parts. This bike would look great with anything, but to keep things classy we of course had to go with Campagnolo. So a full Super Record mechanical group it was. Again, keeping things simple we went with our standard SR build kit featuring the complete grouppo paired with the new Bora Ultra wheels.

Baum Custom Titanium Bike handlebar

The front end is finished off with a Fizik 00 handlebar mounted to the customary Baum paint matched stem.

Baum Corretto Custom titanium rear derailuer

The latest version of the Super Record is a true work of art. The cut out windows along the carbon body look great matched with the relief windows of the Baum titanium dropouts. Gotta love that peep hole revealing the Super Record lock ring.

Baum Corretto Custom Titanium Bicycle water bottle cage

Finishing out the smaller details of the build are the custom Baum satin King Cages, Look Blade Ti pedals, and a Fizik Curve saddle.

Baum Corretto custom titanium bike rear cassette

Can we take a minute to talk about how good titanium cassette cogs look tucked into a ti rear triangle?

Custom Baum Corretto Paint details

The underbelly, showcasing more of the GTR solid paint scheme and that blue on blue perfection.

Baum Corretto Custom Titanium Bicycle details


Baum corretto Custom titanium bicycle saddle

...And more of this, please.

Baum Corretto Custom titanium Bicycle rear view

There it is. Another prime example of the works of Baum Cycles and how we like to build them up. Want to see more wonderful Baum builds? Make sure to keep up with us on Facebook and Instagram.

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