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So far it’s a solo ride.


Derek Yarra |

Recently, we were tasked with building up a new bike for one of our local industry colleagues. The time had come for our regional Pinarello rep to build a brand new F10 disk. We’ve known and worked with Ernesto for quite a long time, but we also know he works with every other shop in the area. So when an industry veteran, who can have their pick of the litter of places to have their mechanic work done, we don’t take it lightly when they choose to come to us. On top of that, this bike would be a mobile showpiece, not only for the frame and it’s components, but the handiwork that put it all together. It would be getting rolled into countless shops and have countless dealers, and mechanics scrutinize every last detail. While that might seem like a lot of pressure, we treat every single build and repair with the same standards, so we took on the challenge without a sweat. With all that said, let’s dive in and take a look at this jet black Dogma disk.

Black on black on black. Perhaps Pinarello’s most simplistic paint offering, the stealthy finish gets out of the way to let the lines and contours of the highly sculpted frame stand out.

Up front is Pinarello’s latest MOST one-piece bar and stem system. The carbon cockpit streamlines the front end of the bike and properly compliments the design of the frame. No bolts or faceplate to deal with up front.

In addition to Pinarello, Ernesto is also our regional SRAM rep. With that in mind, you could imagine there’d be no compromises on the drivetrain. The flagship Red ETap Hydro keeps the bike running. The black finish and lack of cables are truly the only choice for a bike this stealth. A Red edition Quarq power meter is installed to keep an eye on the watts. A force cassette keeps the pops of bright silver consistent throughout the build.

The wheels of choice are the 303 NSW disc, Zipps latest offering. The 303 is the perfect all around depth and the NSW hubs, exclusive to the NSW wheels, adds the most stiffness available to the thru axle, disc brake bike. The 25c Vittoria Corsa are not only one of our favorite riding clinchers, but the tan wall adds the perfect amount of pop to the murdered out bike.

Pinarello was one of the first manufacturers to support the flat mount road caliper system. They introduced them on their F8 disc before even SRAM had a flat mount brake on the market. Fast forward to the current F10, and they’ve further refined how elegantly the smaller calipers mount to the bike, and the polished SRAM Red calipers look perfect on the steed. Ernesto went with 160mm rotors for maximum stopping power.

And that wraps up this beautiful Pinarello. If you’re local to Northern California, you just might see this bike in the wild on the road or in a shop near you. We are always happy to hear your thoughts on our builds below.

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