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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bike of the Week: Fifty Shades of Grey

Anthony Little |



noun: workhorse; plural noun: workhorse
    • a person or machine that dependably performs hard work over a long period of time.

There’s a reason we sell so many Mosaic R-Series bikes and there’s a reason we love each and every one. It is not because of a flashy halftone neon paint job. It is not because of graphene-impregnated-nano-particle materials. It most certainly is not because of the drag coefficient test results from some top secret wind tunnel tests. So why have Mosaics become one of our most favored and popular bikes to pass through our doors? Simple. They are just that damn good. No gimmicks, no fluff. The details are in the subtleties, things essentially unseeable to the bare eye. But get out out on the road, and it’s quite easy to see what all of the love is about. No nonsense, a Mosaic RT-1 is the ultimate tool for enduring countless miles with out the bike giving you a fuss, and leaving you with nothing but pure bliss for every moment spent in the saddle.

This week we got to send out another RT-1, dressed classically in Dura-Ace from end to end, and finishing details meant for just one thing: getting the job done.


A showcase of Mosaics simple yet elegant finish work.


Pewter Chris King keeps the fork and cranks spinning.


Front to back Dura-Ace.


Fizik contact points.


And just a few more details.


Big, solid, and ready to log countless miles of whatever you throw at it. As much as we love to play with color, we never seem to tire of a simplistic bare titanium approach.

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