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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bike of the Week: A White AXS Dogma

Derek Yarra |

This week we're featuring a bike that's nearly the polar opposite of our build from the week past. From a small blacked out gravel rig to a big, bright white road machine. A Pinarello Dogma, built proper for a tall rider looking for sheer speed.

pinarello dogma f10 white blue AXS profile on wall

At this point, a Dogma F10 needs no introduction. On of the most shapely and beautiful carbon frames in production. It's also one of the best riding. The white and blue colorway is stunning and easily one of our favorites. 

pinarello dogma f10 paint white axs

The front end of the cockpit is a Zipp SL-70 carbon bar mated to a Pinarello MOST stem. There's no question to Zipps quality with carbon components and the SL-70 bar has proven to be one of the most comfortable shapes we've used. Seeing as the MOST stem is designed to match the shapes and lines of the Pinarello frames, it was a no brainer choice here. We wrapped it all up with Fizik endurance tape for a little bit of extra forgiveness and comfort at the grip. At the rear, a Fizik Antares R1 saddle was selected. Specifically, the newer VS Evo model. 

pinarello dogma f10 white blue cockpit

Wheels are Zipp 303 NSWs, their top of the line 303 model with the more advanced brake tracks at the rim and higher performance Cognition hubs. We took advantage of their tubeless compatibility and mounted up a set of Schwalbe Pro One tires, sealed up with Orange Seals sealant.

 pinarello dogma d10 while blue zipp wheels 303 NSW schwalbe Pro One tires

Sram Red AXS was the drive train of choice here. For this build we took advantage of the maximum gear range and built this bike with the 10-33 cassette and 44/33 rings. To keep the bike lighter and maintain simplicity, we went with rim brakes, and on this build used the Sram AeroLink calipers. 

pinarello dogma f10 white blue sram red AXS drivetrain

Sram DUB compatible bottom brackets in Italian thread are a little hard to come by but luckily Ceramicspeed had them ready to go. Incredibly smooth, and the most quality production out there. Hiding under the MOST dust cover hides another set of Ceramicspeed bearings in the headset. A bicycle fork doesn't spin many revolutions in it's lifetime so ceramic bearings don't save you any watts, but the Ceramicspeed bearings are machined to a much higher tolerance than the stock ones, resulting in less creaking issues down the road, and they also have much better durability and corrosion resistance, making actually a rather worthwhile upgrade.

pinarello dogma f10 white ceramicspeed

And there you have it. A gorgeous Dogma that's a true all-around performer. It's going out to a local rider so we can't wait to see this one out on our backyard roads. If you've got any questions on getting a Pinarello build going for yourself, feel free to reach out. 

pinarello dogma f10 white back angle

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