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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bike of the Week: An Orange Steel Sprinter

Derek Yarra |

We like pretty bikes, but we like to beat the shit out of bikes too. Does that mean we ride the piss out of our pretty bikes too? It absolutely does. We don't really understand show bikes, destined to live on the wall and only see the road for the occasional fair-weather Sunday cruise. This week we share a bike ready to ridden day in and day out, ready to be ridden straight into the ground and keep bouncing back for more. Built from steel because, well, it's real; and it still delivers a liveliness unlike anything else. A sparkling orange Baum Ristretto, ready to deliver for a hard hitting sprinter.

baum ristretto orange super record JC front angle

The paintwork takes shape in the form of Baum's GTR solid layout. The base is a metallic orange as radiant as you've ever seen and accented by a deep ocean teal. When caught by the light, it glows like nothing else. Beautiful, absolutely, but rest assured it's no show bike destined to live on a wall. A Baum finish can take a beating and holds up better than anything else we've seen.

baum ristretto orange super record JC piant details

The wheelset takes a more stealthy approach, but are no less of a spectacle. We laced a set of black Chris King R45s to Corima 32 clinchers. Sapim CX-Rays hold them together. 28holes, 2x front and rear. Built stiff, built strong. 

baum ristretto orange super record JC wheels


baum ristretto orange super record JC bike profile

The world may be buzzing about electronic drivetrains right now, but nothing replicates the tactile bliss of a mechanical Campagnolo group. The original twelve speed group is, in our opinion, the pinnacle of modern cable-driven transmissions with performance and rider feedback no other groupset can touch. We've spiced things up with a set of EE brakes for a touch of extra character. 

baum ristretto orange super record JC drive train

We've not found an end to our awe of the work done by Mick Peel of Busyman bikes. His wizardry with leather and stitch is bar none the best we've seen and his ability to enhance the personalization of our builds is something we'll never take for granted. This custom wrapped Fizik Antares and matching bar tape are a prime example. 

baum ristretto orange super record JC busyman bits

The details don't stop there. A matching frame pump has been a touch of class since the early ages of cycling, this Silca Impero Ultimate pump matched by Baum perfectly carries on that tradition. What you really don't see too often though, are paint matched carbon springs for Look pedals.

baum ristretto orange super record JC painted pedals pump

Traditional in sprit, but in every way new; this Baum encapsulates everything we love about hand made steel. Built to handle hard days of hammering, from sun up to sun down; this bike is truly a sprinter's delight.

baum ristretto orange super record JC rear view

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