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Bike of the Week: A Striped Ti Mosaic All-Road

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The summer skies are shining, which means there's extra day light for exploring the edge of roads and venturing into the unknown. This week we share our latest Mosaic build. A bespoke titanium gravel bike, customized for a rider on the famed Silicon Valley peninsula—an area know for its vast network of fast and twisty roads, both paved and dirt. It's a timeless all-road classic with a punchy colorful twist.

Trademarks of a Mosaic

The "1" in Mosaic's GT-1 nomenclature means it's got all of premium options Mosaic has to offer. Rider-specific custom butted tubes in the front triangle, externally machined head tube and bottom bracket shell, and custom geometry. All of that combined results in an incredibly refined machine, perfectly tuned match the riders needs. The GT-1 is available in two versions, the all-road and the bigger duty 45. This one is an all-road, meaning it'll fit up to a 700x38c tire and has tight and snappy handling more akin to a road bike.

Gt1 frame details

It's All in the Stripes

When it comes to titanium bikes, there's always a huge debate—to paint or let the raw ti finish shine. Mosaic's new cockpit paint series combines the best of both worlds. The frame it self gets an etched titanium finish, revealing the materials raw beauty. Meanwhile the fork, stem, and seatpost head to the paint both. In this case, the Enve carbon components are adored with stripes reminiscent of an Eddie Van Halen guitar. 

mosaic gt1 stripes cockpit paint enve

The Turquoise King

Accompanying the bright stripes, a full suite of Chris King turquoise components extend the color pops across the Ti frame. 

chris king matte turquoise

AXS Front to Back

For a bike this clean it was only fitting to run with a wireless drivetrain. Being an all-road build, we decided that a 2x Red AXS system was a bit more appropriate than the mullet 1x. 175mm crank arms push the 46/33t rings, which pull the 10-33t cassette. A pair of 160mm rotors keep the braking in check.

Sram Red AXS

All-Roads All the Time

The wheels of choice are a custom laced set of Enve 3.4 AR rims to the aforementioned Chris King R45 hubs. For equal use on dirt and pavement, the aero profile of the 3.4s made it an ideal choice. The winds of the South Bay Area Peninsula can get intense, and Enve's Smart front and rear specific rim shapes help to keep things under control. The massively internal width supports high volume tires like these 38c Panaracer GravelKing SKs with ease. 

enve AR 3.4 chris king

The Complete Masterpiece

A clean and simple beauty, with just enough pop to stand out in the crowd, we've beyond happy with how this hand crafted gravel rig turned out. As gorgeous as it turned out, what was even sweeter to hear was that it landed our rider some new PRs on its maiden voyage. No better new bike day than that!

mosaic gt1 front angle

Want to learn more about Mosaic? Check out their builder page here. And of course, if you've got any questions at all on a project like this of your own, we're only a phone call away! Thanks for reading.

Can't get enough photos? Find more detail shots at the gallery here.

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