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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bike of the Week: A Pegoretti Pista

Derek Yarra |

Continuing our tributes to Dario, we wanted to share an extraordinary build. While Pegorettis have never been a rarity in the shop, it’s pretty uncommon to have a lugged Luigino come through. Even more uncommon? A track version. Very few things can compare to the elegance of a properly built vintage track bike, and this might be one of the best we’ve seen. Despite its simplicity, there sure are a lot of details on this one.

The is paint a bit more subdued than some of Dario's other offerings, but the Luigino specific paint is truly classic. The PegoRichie tubing, custom designed Columbus tubing only available to Dario and Richard Sachs. The fork, originally built threadless, was converted to have a threaded steerer tube, because the vintage Campagnolo headset was a must.

A vintage Cinelli 1a stem and Criterium bar. Not the pista specific models but a very common option for a track bike. Similar shape and aesthetics but a bit more comfortable on the reach.

Few things are as iconic as the Campagnolo "sheriff star" hubs. Appropriately laced to Nisi Laser tubular rims. Hard anodized grey, of course.

A Bernard Hinault signature edition Turbo saddle was the perch of choice for the build. Of course, it sits atop a Campagnolo seatpost.

Pegoretti Pista Track: Driveside
The sought-after C-Record "Shield" pista crank is the start of the minimal drivetrain. That leaves what might be the only two non-Italian pieces of the build. A Japanese Izumi track chain and an American made Phil Wood cog. As you might imagine, NOS Campagnolo components are hard to come by, and modern ones wouldn't have been quite as appropriate. Luckily, the owner was able to track down the vintage parts from Sky Yaeger, a designer at Bianchi for 17 years. Sky was also one of the first people known to have owned a Pegoretti. Both details add to how special this build truly is.

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