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So far it’s a solo ride.

Bike of the Week: A Multi-Purpose Mosaic

Derek Yarra |

One bike to rule them all. A quiver killer, as they say. The ever coveted dream bike that can do so many things you wonder why you needed the six different ones currently sitting in your garage. Does such a bike really exist? It's a balance that can be much harder to realize than to dream. For this week's featured build, that was exactly the task at hand. A task we were grateful to have trusted in our hands. An ultra versatile yet incredibly well performing bicycle with the brawn to lug around gear on bike camping trips, spry enough to drive the pace on a local group ride, and the tenacity to commute through any kind of weather condition. With the help of our friends at Mosaic Cycles, we certainly feel like we hit the mark and are pleased to present this exceptional GT-1.

Mosaic GT-1 Custom Titanium Bike Side
Elegance in simplicity, one of our favorite hallmarks of a Mosaic built frame. Without any paint to hide behind, the bare titanium proudly shows of its precise craftsmanship. The way the curved stays (unique to the GT series) echo the curved machining of the oversized headtube. The contrast of the brushed vs. media blasted design elements. Of course the second to none welding prowess, but that's a given.

Mosaic GT-1 Custom Titanium Frame
Handling the drive train responsibilities is a mechanical Sram Red group. We love electronic groups, but should something go wrong amidst a multi day adventure, the mechanical group makes servicing and finding a quick replacement in the middle of nowhere a more manageable task. While we often build gravel bikes with a 1x set up these days, but the double chainset was the choice here for the sake of keeping the shift jumps tight while on fast road rides. The Hydros keep everything under control, no matter the conditions or how much payload.

Mosaic GT-1 Custom Titanium Bike Drivetrain
The wheels are a custom handbuilt set. At the core of it all are Chris King R45s. Thru-axle and centerlock disc equipped, and in the new matte punch pink finish. From there, they are laced up 2x to a set of the venerable HED Belgium rims. 28 spokes in a 2x pattern were the right balance to keep things light for a smaller rider but plenty tough for gravel and touring. The bike left the shop rolling on fast Vittoria Corsas but thanks to the GT's ample clearance, the future options are endless.

Mosaic GT-1 Custom Titanium Bike Wheels
Some details of the various mounting points. This bike will serve many purposes, so points to mount fenders and a rear rack were essential. Not only do they add versatility but they also leave room for the Mosaic team to show of more of their handiwork.

Mosaic GT-1 Custom Titanium Bike Mounts
As gorgeous as the the bare titanium finish is, it was important to leave room for some personality. Chris King to the rescue. We already mentioned the hubs, but we went full tilt on this machine. A threadfit bottom bracket and inset headset carry the matte punch theme throughout.

Mosaic GT-1 Custom Titanium Bike chris king parts
That rounds out the build of this do-anything, go-anywhere steed. Perfectly balanced to manage the array of use and abuse it's destined for.

Mosaic GT-1 Custom Titanium Bike frontMosaic GT-1 Custom Titanium Bike rear
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