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Aero Testing on the Track: The Next Level

Anthony Little |

March 20th, 2009

Interested in dialing in your time trial position with the latest technology available? Whenever someone comes to us for a bike fit, coaching, or lactate testing, we direct them right next door to Craig Upton at Performance Labs HC. We've worked together now for 3 years and Craig's experience and results are absolutely best in class. This March 20th Craig is offering an incredible opportunity utilizing the most advanced developments in aero positioning.

Wind tunnel testing has become de rigueur for serious competitors against the clock, but it still has its disadvantages. One, at $900 an hour (and you'll need a minimum of two hours), it's expensive. Two, and more importantly, a slippery position is no good if you can't ride with maximum power. A position inefficiency of a few millimeters can rob a rider of 20 or 30 watts. That's why Lance Armstrong and others are now verifying their wind tunnel results with live testing on the track.

Craig Upton of Performance Labs HC is offering a unique opportunity to take to LA's world class indoor velodrome this March 20th for some live aero testing. Included is a biomechanical bike fit and a full day of runs on the track, using testing equipment and protocol developed by Uli Schoberer, inventor of the SRM. Recently, while working with a member of the USA National Team, Craig and his team were able to reduce her 45 kph power 40 watts, from 300 to 260! This is a savings of 4 minutes per hour! Imagine being able to ride the same speed at 15% less power.

Riders will do multiple runs trying out positions, and each run will be assessed for aerodynamics and efficiency, ultimately yielding the best combination of power, comfort, and speed. Riders will leave with a spreadsheet of their data and photographs of each position. A catered lunch will be served.

If you'd like to attend, or have any questions, contact Craig Upton at (415) 435-2528.

The video below is an example of aero track testing, showing Lance Armstrong testing in November.

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