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Bike of the Week: A Titanium Dream Come True

Derek Yarra |

A quiver killer. One bike to rule them all... the mythical bike than can fill the role of many, and do it all with ever feeling like it's lacking. It's a kind of bike riders constantly dream of, but like many dreams, it's much easier to imagine than to realize. One bike, spry enough to challenge on the hills of the local group road ride, but with the brawn to cart a mobile habitat for bike camping adventures, and the tenacity to handle day in and day out commuting through all conditions. That was a dream for a recent client of ours, a dream we were proud to have trusted in our hands. Enlisting the help of our friends at Mosaic Cycles, we went to work making this dream come true.

The heart of the build is the Mosaic GT-1 frame. The custom titanium platform gives the superior durability and flexibility this project demanded. The simple elegance is apparent and the craftsmanship shines through without any paint to hide behind. Despite its lack of paint, there's no shortage of eye-catching details. From the perfect bevels of the machined head tube to the curvaceous, sculpted seat stays, to the brushed/blasted two-tone finishing, this bike looks good.

Continuing on, the drivetrain is an SRAM Red mechanical group. The Red kit helps keep the weight down while offering the signature crisp performance. While ETap has been a popular choice these days, the mechanical group was more sensible for this build. When out on a multi-day adventure one less battery to worry about keeping charge is added peace of mind and the traditional transmission is easier to service should a mishap occur while touring a more rural area.

Hydraulic brakes were the stoppers of choice to added power on long road descents or while carrying a heavy payload.

The wheels are also a custom built affair. At the core are Chris King R45s, the thru-axle variety in this case.  The venerable HED Belgiums are the rims of choice. Light, durable, and one of the earlier offerings for a wider stance. 28 spokes at 2x were decided as the appropriate lacing pattern to fit the compromise in needs for durability and weight. Currently wrapped in 28c Vittoria Corsa Controls, the grippier version of our standby Corsas, but the GT-1 has the ability to fit nearly any tire our rider should choose in the future. 

A few more little details on this lovely Mosaic frame. The eyelets provide not only the functionality for mounting rack and fenders when needed but also the real estate for the builders at Mosaic to show of their welding prowess.

We couldn't finish out this bike without shining light on the full suite of Chris King on the bike. We already mentioned the hubs, but the oversized headset and ThreadFit bottom bracket round out the kit. Not only do the matte pink bits add splashes of color and personality to the bike, but the legendary King performance is second to none. What's not to love? 

We are loving how this machine came out in the end and can't wait to hear reports back on the adventures it's bound for. Did we find success in executing the multi-talented quiver killer?  We're inclined to say so, but we'd love to hear your thoughts too. Need help planning a dream bike of your own? Give us a ring, we're always here to help. 

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