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So far it’s a solo ride.

12 Days of Breathtaking Builds 2021: Day 5 - A Bare Black Bastion Road Disc

Derek Yarra |

Day five brings us another stunning Bastion, this time in the form of a road disc model complete with custom carbon and 3D printed titanium. Rolling on Partington R-Series wheels, it aptly showcases the cycling genius Australia has to offer. 

bastion road

"Bastion is a remarkable blend of an age old design with cutting edge materials and technology. Providing the rider with the opportunity to customize to the nth degree. The folks at Bastion bring a wealth of engineering and materials experience to the process. Add to this the nearly endless finish options and you have a beautiful piece of art that rides the way you want it to! Full disclosure I have been a fanboy of the Bastion from before they launched and prior to coming to AC. I ride their 7th build - Bastion 007 :) - a few times a week and have been for 4 plus just works!" - Mike

bastion road disc details

For the full on feature of this build, head to the journal here.

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