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KASK Protone Icon Road Bike Helmet

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The KASK Protone Icon Road Bike Helmet

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Helmet tech isn’t the most intuitive topic in the world. So let’s look at the Protone from a road rider’s perspective, not a manufacturer’s.

Safety should be a given - you’re not wearing a helmet as a fashion choice (we’ll get to that). So it better be safe. And the Protone, like all Kask helmets, is tested and developed under the KASK ROTATIONAL IMPACT WG11 TEST protocol, an objective, scientific approach to measuring the helmet’s performance against rotational impacts. It sports a strong inner frame, complete polystyrene protection, and a polycarbonate layer covering the top, base ring, and back.

Kask helmets have always elicited an ‘oh, that actually feels great’ response when a rider tries one on for the first time, and the Protone is no different. Aside from its specific features, the Protone is just a nice shape for most riders. It doesn’t feel like it’s sitting on your head. It feels like you’re wearing it, like a cap. And that great fit comes largely from Kask’s OCTOFIT+ adjustment system. This clever innovation optimizes the helmet’s comfort and stability, ably assisted by a vertical stabilizer that provides ergonomic support across the nape of the neck.

Tweaking the fit while you’re riding is a twist-and-forget affair. The adjustment dial is rubber coated, so it’s a breeze to use, even with gloves. A quick-drying, tridimensional padded CoolMax® fabric lining adds to the helmet’s comfort credentials.

When you’ve spent hours poring over your bike to optimize every area, you don’t want your helmet to slow you down once you get out on the road. To that end, you can rest easy knowing that the Protone is wind tunnel-tested to cut through the air, no matter where your head’s at.

That leaves us with style. It’s subjective, of course, but the way the Protone wears, with its slim profile and sculpted shape, makes for a great-looking helmet that suits most people. We might even venture that it looks cool. And for a bike helmet, there’s no higher praise than that.




  • OCTOFIT+ Retention System
  • Faux leather chinstrap 
  • 3D Dry padding /w Coolmax fiber
  • Inner strengthening frame
  • Superbly aerodynamic 
  • High visibility decals 
  • MIT technology head safety 
  • Weight: 230g (M size)


  • Weight: 230g (M size)
  • Sizing
  • Small: 50 - 56cm / 19 11/16 - 22 3/64"
  • Medium: 52 - 58cm / 20 15/32 - 22 53/64"
  • Large: 59 - 62cm / 23 15/64 - 24 13/32"

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