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Darimo Sub 4 Seat Clamp


The Darimo Sub 4 Seat Clamp

A svelte, sub-4g aftermarket carbon fibre seat clamp. Read More

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When it comes to completing a dream build, some things we do for performance and others purely for looks. On occasion, those two things are one and the same. And while we can argue that every gram shaved off the bike or the person can help in the goal to be a faster rider, it might be a bit hard to make that claim for the Sub 4 Seat Clamp from Darimo. Of course, small changes add up, but for this hand-braided carbon, aluminum and titanium beauty, we love it because it looks rad.

The Sub 4 Seat Clamp hails from Darimo, a Spanish high-end aftermarket accessories brand we proudly represent at Above Category. It's by far the lightest collar in existence, and for us, the best looking as well - mainly because there is so little of it. We've been using it on most of our Pegoretti, Mosaic and Baum builds for over a year and love how they complement these beautiful machines.

One point of note: you must have a good torque wrench in your toolkit, as the seat clamp needs to be tightened carefully. However, we have complete confidence in its durability, given that we have riders using them that are well over 200 pounds and have used them on road and gravel bikes.

So, whether you are looking for the last place to shave a nice handful of grams from your bike, want to replace a chunky, oversized piece of metal with a beautiful, minimal piece of carbon fiber, or both, this seat tube collar is what you've been looking for.



  • Hand-braided carbon fibre, finished with a titanium screw
  • Torques up to 5Nm
  • Suitable for MTB, road, CX, gravel
  • Sub-4g weight
  • Made in Spain
  • Materials 
  • Collar: Carbon fiber composite
  • Inserts: Machined anodized 7075 aluminum
  • Screw: M5 Ti Gr.5
  • Weight: Under 4 grams 

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