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Q36.5 Dottore Grid Skin - Women

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The Q36.5 Dottore Grid Skin - Women

An innovative bib short with in-built abrasion resistance, boasting sublime comfort and top-tier performance. Read More

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On the surface, adding abrasion-resistant material to a road cycling bib short may seem odd, even unnecessary. However, even seasoned riders come a cropper on wet corners, oil spills or unfamiliar descents on occasion, so why not ride with a little more protection where it matters?

That's the thinking behind the Q36.5 x GRDXKN® collaboration, a capsule collection of abrasion-resistant road cycling clothing designed to hold off the worst ravages of the road should you suffer a mid-ride mishap.

The women's Q36.5 Grid Skin Bib Short boasts GRDXKN® protection on the outer thighs, an area Q36.5 notes is susceptible to abrasion in a crash situation.

In action, the bib's reinforced GRDXKN® fabric creates a highly abrasion-resistant cushioning layer, which helps to delay the destruction of the upper material, distributes the force exerted by the fall, and absorbs energy, thereby significantly protecting the skin underneath it. While prototyping, Q36.5 successfully tested the technology in crash simulations up to 100 km/h, so it's well equipped should your ride get the wrong sort of wild.

Aside from the new tech, the bibs are made from 100% recycled material courtesy of a revamped UF Knit44 fabric. The bibs also come with an updated pre-shaped form to enhance ergonomics, performance and comfort. With minimized seams and panels placed strategically to support the pedal stroke, it's evident that Q36.5's superb tailoring and thoughtful approach to apparel design informs all areas of the bib.

Around the tummy, a new laser-cut finish on the waist area that mirrors the neat raw-cut leg hems is another clear example of a bib that goes above and beyond. And like all Q36.5 women's bibs, the Grid Skin features the Italian brand's signature lumbar support panel made from high-density stretch woven fabric augmented with silver thread.

Soft, supportive, melt-away bib straps and a sublimely comfortable, female-specific chamois complete the bib.



  • Enhanced with GRDXKN® abrasion resistant technology 
  • 100% recycled materials throughout
  • Made hyper-locally in Italy, with a minimal footprint 
  • Sublime comfort and top-tier performance 
  • Made in Italy 
  • Materials: 60% polyamide, 34% elastane, 4% polyethylene - dyneema, 2% silver 
  • Weight: 180g (medium) 
  • 100% recycled materials 

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