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Evil Bikes

Around 2006, rumors started floating around that designer Kevin Walsh, suspension guru Dave Weagle, and marketing extraordinaire Todd Seplavy had been working on something new. In a sport inundated with over the top neon matchy-matchy moto gear and bikes with an overly-engineered acronyms for every single junction or pivot, they wanted to do something different. Exceptional riding bikes, but without all the fluff and flair. Those rumors began attracting some of the biggest name pros before they even had a bike to offer.

Today, the Pacific North West brand is revered as one of the most innovative and respected brands in mountain biking. The iconic DELTA (Dave's Extra Legitimate Travel Apparatus) has proven to be one of the best performing linkage designs to hit the trail. 

While their roots are deep in the big hitting gravity side of the sport, they've unveiled revolutionary bikes across the spectrum. The Following was one of the first of its kind, bringing aggressive enduro geometry to a nimble short travel 29er trail platform. A rather questionable release at its time, but soon after sent every other company working on worthy competitor. The Chamois Haggar gravel bike, Evil's first foray into a drop-bar bike, sent waves across the industry with its progressive design as something entirely new.

No matter what or how you ride, Evil has a bike that will enable you to push your abilities on the trail to their limits, putting a bigger grin on your face every time you get out and ride.

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