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ACX Velocolour Rocket Pocket 35mm


The ACX Velocolour Rocket Pocket 35mm

The perfect size of saddle bag for road and gravel riders seeking to stow more than the bare essentials. Read More

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Saddle bags done just right. Introducing the limited edition ACX Vélocolour Rocket Pocket saddle bags. Hand made in Canada with the finest textiles, these stylish saddle bags keep your gear secure in a streamlined package.

This 35mm bag is the mid-sized offering, providing an excellent balance of usable capacity and a tidy footprint.


  • The perfect saddlebag for an all-around road or a minimalist gravel setup.
  • Enough room for a multitool, cash/card, DynaPlug, a Co2 canister, and a spare tube. 
  • This is our go-to option for clincher road and more minimalist gravel tubeless setups
  • 84 grams
  • 35mm x 80mm x 12mm 
  • Wrap-around zipper 
  • Durable rubber strap
  • One point of contact with the bike at the saddle rails
  • Wipe or hose off if dirty; don't launder

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