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So far it’s a solo ride.

Behind the Build: An American Ti RT-1 Built With Euro Flair

Peter Harrington |

The Above Category Behind the Build series dives into the details that brought the bike to life - the rider, inspiration and decisions that came together to create a dream machine. Join us this week as we speak to AC client Jonathan about his minimalistic and decidedly majestic Mosaic RT-1.

Did you have an eye on a Mosaic when you first contacted AC?

I hadn't yet decided on a particular builder. Chad and I had been chatting for about 18 months after my last carbon road bike was stolen. I was pretty desperate to get back in the saddle, so we talked through a bunch of options, one of which was going for a titanium build. I'd seen some amazing custom bikes coming out of the shop built around Mosaic and Baum, and Chad himself had a side project going with a raw build at that time. I have an industrial design background and was really drawn to the raw material look - brushed titanium and exposed carbon layups. However, when we started looking more closely at Ti, Mosaic became the clear choice. In my opinion, they've really nailed the raw finish, plus they're US-made and so conveniently avoided some of the supply chain slowdowns from overseas.

Can you talk a little about how you arrived at the bike's set-up?

The build ambition for this bike was a "minimalist sleeper," something akin to the touring version of the Porsche GT3 - super high performance, but also comfortable enough and low-profile enough for daily riding or ascending the mountain twisties.

In other words, I wanted a rock-solid, long-lasting road bike that would look as good in 10 years as it does today! And to do that, you need timeless design, which for me is about simplicity, durability, usability and trueness of form and materiality. So, working closely with Chad, we began with a brushed titanium frame and the best quality components. I did disk and electric shifting mostly for performance reasons, but also because you get a super clean finished look with less external cables and noise near the fork - essentially a floating raw frame.

For the wheels, I've always loved the graphic quality of Lightweight wheels - they have these sweet carbon spokes that have a thicker line weight. As soon as we put them on the bike, it was immediately clear they were the way to go - just so pleasing, and they chimed perfectly with the overall rest of the build while keeping with the top-notch performance side I was looking for.

We kept the rest of the build simple but with some nice details, like the ceramicspeed ti pulleys and Enve bar and fork. These are excellent quality but also fit the overall build's geometry and timeless 'everyday racy' inspiration.

What sort of riding do you usually do, and will the new bike change any of that or open up new avenues?

I usually do moderate-length legs exploring the world-class road terrain in Marin. I like to get a great workout, but I also like to explore and just "go for a ride." I'm not a huge KOM chaser, though I enjoy competing against myself and accomplishing higher, longer, faster PRs. So I think the new build will open up new avenues. I'll certainly ride my first century on it as the road feel and endurance comfort will be top-notch. What's more, with the gearing ratios and overall weight, I think it will be a great vehicle to take me up much more aggressive assents around Tam, Muir, Stinson, and further north and south along the coast than I've been. Essentially the perfect all-arounder!

What are your ride goals for the next year?

Explore the beauty of Marin and the best road biking courses Norcal has to offer while getting in exceptional ride shape. I'd like to get my fitness up so that I can take on longer and more challenging days and also so I can get the most enjoyment from the experience of riding such an amazing machine.


FRAME: Mosaic RT-1 Disc


DRIVETRAIN: Campagnolo Super Record EPS

WHEELS: Lightweight Meilenstein EVO

TIRES: René Herse Chinook Pass 700c x 28 

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