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So far it’s a solo ride.

Where are they now: Eight Months on a Mosaic RT-1

Anthony Little |

This week we’re introducing a new feature: ‘Bike of the Week (BOTW): Where are they now?’ In this series, we’ll take you beyond the (previously featured) bike to understand more about it’s owner, why they chose it, how the bike is performing, where its been ridden and what changes they’d make if they could do it all again. And oh, because we know you love pictures, there’ll be plenty of those too…but this time out on the road and in the elements as the bikes were designed to be.

For our first ‘BOTW: Where are they now?’ we’ve contacted Lance Kennedy who’s Mosaic RT-1 was featured in Cycling Tips popular column ‘Bikes of the Bunch’ in June 2014. If you missed it first time around or you’re interested in refreshing your memory, you can read it here. Lance is a house builder and Marin County local from Mill Valley.

1. Last time we saw your custom Mosaic RT-1 it was featured in Cycling Tips popular column ‘Bikes of the Bunch’. With its titanium finish, Dura Ace gruppo, gold Chris King components and Enve 6.7 wheels, it’s a pretty distinctive bike! Has anyone recognized you or your bike since?

Thank you for featuring my bike in your very first ‘BOTW: Where Are They Now?’ Considering the machines that come out of the Above Category shop, I'm stoked that you're showing an interest in my bike again! It was very cool when Cycling Tips ( featured my bike and on several rides within a week of it being posted, a couple of people recognized my RT-1 from that article. That sort of thing hasn't happened since but I anticipate it will again once your blog comes out.



All images courtesy of Lance Kennedy.

2. You’ve had your RT-1 for almost 8 months now. Can you tell us about how it rides? Is it different now from when you first picked it up?

The bike has not changed since my purchase back in April. Other than swapping up the wheels to suit the conditions, it probably won't. The complete build was exactly what I wanted and was well thought out from the beginning. I prefer bikes that have a subtle livery but have enough shiny parts to get noticed. I think we achieved that here. I chose titanium because I believe it's the best material and I chose Aaron from Mosaic as he is recognized as being one of the very best. The Shimano group fits this build -it may not be everyone’s first choice - but I think it's the perfect groupset on the Mosaic RT1.


3. With the benefit of hindsight, is there anything you would change about the bike, the build or the process?

I have about 1800 miles on it so it's still relatively new. Road cycling makes up about a third of my total cycling miles during the year and the rest is on the dirt which, to be honest, I prefer. I feel completely different when I'm out riding on the dirt. However, when I ride my Mosaic RT1 on the (less than perfect) roads of Marin County, I've never felt more ‘wowed’...every time! To me that's what cycling is all about. It's about how it makes me feel when I'm doing it. I can tell you that this bike is an amazing climber and very compliant descending and all of that…but all you need to know is that when I ride this bike in this configuration, it makes me feel like I'm a professional! I wouldn’t change a thing.



4. Can you tell us about where you ride and what sort of terrain you enjoy? Have you been on any cycling holidays? Have you competed in any events (official or unofficial!?!).

I am a fit 200+ pound rider who, believe it or not, enjoys hauling ones butt up and over mountain passes...I love it even though it's not my strongest suit. I'm better built for flat powerful TT style riding and rolling hill segments with short punchy power climbs. The ENVE 6.7's are perfect for that.

Have I gone on a cycling holiday with my bike? The answer to that is yes, once and it was recently. I often go to Las Vegas for a variety of different events and this last December I went down for a little mountain and road bike adventuring. It was a blast and yes I want to do it again. I didn't KOM but I did leave with several overall gold cups (if you are into collecting trophies on Strava you’ll know what I am talking about). I would also love to take my RT-1 to England and ride the roads of last years Tour de France. My wife's family is from there so we have many of the logistical problems covered. A trip with the guys at InGamba to Europe is also on my radar, as I am sure it is for other fans and customers of Above Category.

Do I race? Not really. I've done the occasional competitive hill climb or criterium. and I’ve checked out the Chicken Ride a couple of times which is very cool and very competitive. I will however say this - I'm always racing my friends on just about every single ride. Somewhere along the way I'm going to put the hammer to you…I love that!


5. In terms of maintenance, what do you do to look after your bike? Who works on it?

I do the very simple stuff myself – cleaning then lubing the chain and keeping air in the tires…that’s it. Derek Yarra at Above Category does the rest. I prefer it that way. Most of it is above my experience level and it needs to be done correctly.


6. Do you have any plans for a new bike purchase? If so what? Will you go for a custom build again?

The answer is yes. Would Above Category be involved in this build? Absolutely! I have all the confidence in the world in Chad and his people. I've been coming into his shop since the very beginning, finally pulling the trigger last February. I've never been more impressed with the operation. Above Category is clearly one of the most exclusive bike shops in the world and it's right here in town. When it comes to road cycling, I honestly don't think you could find better, that's why I'm a client. As for something new, I'm not sure on all of the details but let's just say that my next whip will be Italian, all Italian and nothing but Italian…so help me God!


Ed - If you like the photos that you’ve seen here and you’d like to see more photos of this stunning Mosaic RT-1 and its journey, we recommend following Lance on Instagram @el_teakay…we do!






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