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So far it’s a solo ride.

Titivated Spartan: A Painted Mosaic RT-1

Anthony Little |

tit·i·vate verb

informal verb: titivate; 3rd person present: titivates; past tense: titivated; past participle: titivated; gerund or present participle: titivating to make small enhancing alterations to (something).


Painted titanium is something we typically leave up to the Australians at Baum. When finish is concerned, we're so used to the minimalist nude grey of a media-blasted Mosaic titanium rocket that a painted example is cause for celebration - or at least a showcase, and this one is a true masterpiece.


No decals here - this is all painstaking masking work. This RT-1 is heading into the welcoming arms of a mountain biker who's converting to the dark side of suffering.



What better way to show off Campagnolo's new Super Record EPS V3?






Dura-Ace skewers. Why? They're simply the best when it comes to holding a wheel securely in the dropouts. They're mated to our trademark handbuilt wheels - White Industries hubs, laced 24h two-cross front and rear to Zipp's venerable 404 clincher rim - compliment the details within the fork blades beautifully.





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