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So far it’s a solo ride.

Behind the Build: Old Dogma, New Tricks - Ray’s Pinarello Dogma F

Peter Harrington |

The brief: A bike to blaze. A silvery bullet built to grace the Golden Gate at warp speed. With an older Dogma at home and a gravel machine in the works here at the shop, AC client Ray had an opening in his stable for an up to date speed machine. So we scoped him out a Pinarello Dogma F - the newest and lightest Dogma from the Grand Tour-winning Italian brand.

As he had prior Pinarello experience, Ray gave us free rein to AC-ify his new ride. Read on for the deep dive, and don't forget to check out the gallery at the bottom.


Naturally, nothing but the best for the best: Campagnolo's Super Record, complete with EPS. Now, compared to SRAM or Shimano's e-groups, electronic and Campagnolo might not seem like natural bedfellows. And while other manufacturers arguably made more of the standard when it blew up (despite Campy being one of the first to the party in the 90s), their offering can now go toe to toe with the best of them. And on the Dogma F, it looks freakin' incredible.

We also popped on a power meter. Typically, we go SRM, but the Super Record cranks are gorgeous, and of course, whenever we install an SRM power meter, we have to take off the cranks. So we stayed with the Campagnolo cranks, taking advantage of their exceptionally light titanium axle (a 90g saving right there over the Record version), and popped on Garmin’s power meter pedals. We upped the ante for the rest of the drivetrain with a Ceramicspeed bottom bracket and an anodized OSBW pulley wheel system.


Doves would drop out of the sky if we didn’t carry Campy through to the wheels. And we like doves, so we rolled with Campagnolo’s Bora WTO Ultra wheels at 60mm depth. The tires are 30mm Schwalbe Pro Ones (the Pinarello catalog says you can’t go past 28, but we found 30 fits with room to spare.)

Pinarello Dogma F


Nothing to say here - integrated and ready to ride. Clean and simple.


The evolution of Pinarello's Dogma range continues to impress. And with its timeless component choices, Ceramicspeed upgrades and thoroughly modern chassis, Ray’s gorgeous Dogma F is set to stun for many seasons to come.


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