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Bike of the Week: A Tangerine Pinarello Dogma F12 Dream

Derek Yarra |

It's bright. It's loud. It's fast. This week we unveil the latest Pinarello build to roll out of AC. Not just any bike, this is Chad's personal Dogma F12 test bike, so you know it's gonna be done up right. With an electronic Campagnolo build and an array of hidden upgrades, you'll want to dig into the details on this one.

The F12 Frame

We've enjoyed watching the evolution of each Dogma iteration. The F12 is more aggressive than ever, and like all the Dogmas before it, has the looks of a pure bread race machine. The bright orange of Chad's bike is perfect for a frame like this. If you followed along last year for our Dogma F10 shootout, it should come as no surprise that this standard rim brake variation was the Chad's choice when picking an F12.

 frame details orange f12

The MOST Cockpit 

Naturally, the F12 is built up with the Most Talon Ultra bar stem combo. Specifically engineered for the Dogma F12, the one piece cockpit maximizes stiffness and performance, while also enabling the integrated cable routing. It's actually a pretty integral piece of kit in order to truly get the experience of the latest Dogma. The hooks are wrapped in Deda Presa bar tape. The double layer design is quite comfortable and the two tone adds a nice visual texture. Hidden beneath the Pinarello headset top cap is an ultra light EE compression plug for some easy weight savings. At the back end sits a Most Lynx NS carbon saddle. We've really become quite fond of these saddles and have been spec'ing them on a number of our latest builds, Pinarello or otherwise.

f12 cockpit talon barf12 cockpit tape saddle

12 Speeds of EPS

Super Record EPS was the drivetrain of choice on this build. As you all know, Chad has long been a lover of Campagnolo. That said, it's been quite some time since he built an EPS bike for himself, not since the original generation 11 speed. This Dogma seemed like the perfect candidate to give the electronic set another try. While Chad typically prefers a traditional mechanical system, we find that electronic groups are a much better solution on these modern bikes with complicated internal cable routing. Unfortunately, there has not yet been an optimal power meter crank for the 12 speed Campagolo. For this build, we had to improvise and update an 11 speed SRM with the new chainrings. And of course, both the crank and rear derailleur are outfitted with Ceramicspeed upgrades.

f12 drivetrain campagnolo super record eps

Feather weight stoppers

You'll be hard-pressed to find a bigger EE brake advocate than Chad, so of course you'll see them on this build here. He debated pretty hard wether or not to go disc on this "modern" machine. Ultimately, he decided the lower weight of traditional calipers made more sense on a high performance road bike. Paired with Campagnolo's latest carbon brake track developments, there's really no issues when it comes to slowing down.

ee brakes f12

60mm of smooth sailing

As for wheels? Deep, carbon, and Italian. Campagnolo Bora 60 WTOs are mounted up with Continental GP 5000s. Campagnolo hubs are famous for being sensationally smooth, but we had to take it a step further. We tore them apart to replace the stock bearings with the super slippery balls from Ceramicspeed.

wheels bora 60 WTO dogma f12

Could there be a more proper way to build a Dogma? Maybe, but this one nails it pretty damn well. Anything you'd change if this Pinarello were your own? Let us know down in the comments. We really love building these things up, so if you've got any questions on starting up a project just give us a ring. Thanks for reading!

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