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Bike of the Week: An All Out Pinarello Dogma F12

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An all out Pinarello built for all out speed. This week we share our latest Dogma project, an F12 disc built up to hammer out miles of tarmac on the California coast at the fastest cruising speeds possible. No stone was left unturned in the quest to perfect this machine, so with no further ado we'll dive into the details of this build.

Laying out the Pieces

Every project starts with a thorough conversation with the client to understand what they're looking for in the end result. Our client is a long time Pinarello rider and was ready to move on to the latest F12. With that in mind, the goal was to make this as fast of a Dogma as possible. Each piece carefully selected, with optimal upgrades in place. What exactly were all of those pieces? Well, keep following along to find out.

pinarello f12 build process

The Frame

At the core of this build is a 59c Pinarello Dogma F12. Clearly the disc version, and in the iconic Team Ineos black to red fade. It's angular, aggressive lines are matched with incredible stiffness, making it an ideal platform for a rider of this height.

dogma f12 frame details

The Drivetrain

This isn't your standard Dura-Ace Di2 drivetrain. It's got a full ceramic upgrade for unmatched smoothness. The rear derailleur has been retrofitted with a Ceramicspeed OSPW system. The power meter DA crank also spins on a coated Ceramicspeed bottom bracket. The final touch? Ceramicspeed bearings in the 9100 pedals. Other specs include 54/42t rings paired with an 11-30t cassette, 160mm rotors, a Di2 wireless transmitter for computer integration, and a K-Edge chain catcher for good measure. 

f12 pinarello dura ace di2 ceramicspeed

The Cockpit

Given the integrated nature of the F12 system, the cockpit is comprised of the proprietary MOST seapost and Talon front end. The only non MOST piece is the Form Throne RS carbon saddle. There are a couple trick upgrades hidden from plain view—Ceramicspeed coated headset bearings and an EE compression plug. 

pinarello f12 cockpit

The Wheels

While we've used the Meilenstein Evos few time here, this was actually our first build using the the new Lightweight Fernweg Evo wheels. This build features the most premium iteration, the Schwarz Edition, which utilize Ceramicspeed bearings. This makes them the fastest, most aero wheels in Lightweight's lineup. Wrapping them up are a set of 28c Vittoria Corsa Control TLR tires.

pinarello f12 lightweight fernweg evo

The Result

This Dogma turned out to be an absolute rocket ship. Every last detail considered for attaining all out speed. It doesn't hurt that the bike happens to exude so much style as well. We absolutely love the results of this build and can't wait to see it out on the road. If you've got any questions at all on a dialed Pinarello build of your own, we're just a quick call or email away. 

And if you're still craving a bigger photo fix of this bike, check out more on the gallery here. Thanks for reading!

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