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Introducing Above Category Skincare

Peter Harrington |

Skincare and cycling go together like a saddle and shorts. But when did you last think about what's in your chamois cream? A few years back, we looked at the ingredients in our (then) favorite cream and didn’t like what we found. It turns out there are alcohols, petrochemicals, paragons, artificial fragrances, synthetics and even outright toxins in most chamois creams (and wider skincare) on the market - things that shouldn’t be anywhere near your skin.

So we got to thinking about whipping up an AC formulation for our own use. It would be organic, wildcrafted (that is, plants that grow in the wild with zero human intervention), and 100% vegan. And we’d make it locally here in the Bay and only in small batches. For inspiration, we’d look to the Redwoods, ribbon roads and golden shorelines of Marin and the blissful release each moment we spend on the bike brings to our lives.

Cycling Chamois Cream

Fast forward through long miles of development and testing (on us, not animals), and we finally crafted what felt like the perfect chamois cream. But we didn’t stop there. Chamois cream kept us comfortable and fresh in the saddle, but whether we were riding with friends, racing or facing a long drive after crossing the finish line, we wanted to use our skincare on and off the bike. So we created body lotion, post-ride activity wash, and deodorant using the same organic mindset and time-proven botanicals, herbs and roots that informed our chamois cream.

Available separately or as a four-piece set, we’re proud to bring you a natural, pronounceable and 100% vegan skincare collection for your life by bike. The ultimate complement to the finest bicycles, apparel and noteworthy accessories.

The Skincare

Chamois Cream

A soothing cream to protect your most sensitive areas, made from natural, organic and 100% vegan ingredients. Tested to extremes, from back-to-back century rides to multi-day adventures and wicked fast crits to keep you fresh and comfortable on the saddle. A favorite of pro-athlete friends of the shop.

Ingredients: RO filtered water. Oils: almond, apricot, avocado castor, jojoba, coconut, kukui, tamanu, mango butter, steric acid, olive (from olive skins) and red radish root to preserve.

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Above Category Deodorant


Made from RO filtered water, naturally bacteria-inhibiting red radish root and a special blend of essential oils, our deodorant keeps you fresh throughout the day. But the best thing about it is the scent. Unlike most deodorants, ours is made with natural ingredients and absolutely nothing synthetic. One spritz and you breathe in spring.

Ingredients: RO filtered water, red radish root extract, pure essential oils blend.

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Above Category Activity Wash

Activity Wash

Whether you’re returning from a race, away for days or rocking up to the office after a hot commute, you can’t always shower when you come to a stop. In those moments, reach for the AC Activity Wash. Spray it on a damp cloth and freshen up for what’s next - no rinsing required. Finish with AC Deodorant, and you’re good to go.

Ingredients: RO Filtered Water. Oils: coconut, macadamia, almond, avocado, grapes seed, borage, sunflower seed, jojoba

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Above Category Body Lotion

Body Lotion

Designed for riding in the elements and life away from two wheels, we use the AC Body Lotion to keep our skin hydrated, soft and nourished, without any greasy films or harsh perfumes. Like all AC skincare, it’s unscented, organic, and 100% vegan.

Ingredients: RO filtered water, rosewater. Oils: apricot, kukui, meadow foam, borage, jojoba, avocado, sunflower seed, sweet almond, floral antioxidant blend, and red radish to preserve.

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