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Above Category Cycling Chamois Cream

Peter Harrington |

Cycling chamois cream. It's ubiquitous. The name itself? A misnomer. Back in "the day" (before 1986, to be precise), the "pad" in a pair of cycling shorts was an actual leather chamois, requiring constant reconditioning and moisturizing to keep it effective at preventing chafing between the skin and saddle. Now, cycling chamois cream is an anti-chafe cream, applied directly to the skin that contacts the saddle. And amongst the litany of brands out there, we couldn't find one we absolutely loved. We found ourselves stuck between creams that either withered and dried up under the stress of a long day in the saddle, or others that worked well, but were primarily derived from synthetic compounds and petroleum products.

Organic Cycling Chamois Cream

An Organic Cycling Chamois Cream

Solution to our conundrum? We did it the Above Category Way, utilizing our deep well of experience with nearly every cream available - and with riding our bikes far, far too much - we made our own, spending over two years developing a proprietary blend of organic compounds with a local chemist and skincare guru. The result is something we're more than proud to put our name on. It's completely natural, vegan, organic, and manufactured a short ride from Above Category's front door in Marin County.

 Organic Cycling Skincare

Designed to hold up to the rigors of 6+ hour days on the bike, our cycling chamois cream is also free of any menthol or tingly compounds, making it suitable for use on both the male and female anatomy. In our anecdotal experience, the blend also may help with healing saddle sores that are well underway (off the bike), and even as a hand cream. The consistency is fairly viscous, but still firm.

But why stop at chamois cream? The elements make huge demands on your skin, so we decided to take things a step further and create activity wash, body lotion, and deodorant to complete the perfect endurance cyclist’s skincare collection. On the bike or between rides, AC skincare is designed for each stage of your journey, from pre-ride prep to the end of the race and the rest of your day.

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