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Bike of the Week: Chad's Corretto Check-In

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The idea of a review just sounds terrible. The thought of saying something we sell is bad, insert air quotes here, doesn't appease us. Although when we speak about the intricacies of Baum not to mention the quality of their product it's hard to have anything negative to say. Baum's ability to deliver quality bicycles that are far more than just a fancy piece of kit is inspiring. A bike that is designed to be ridden and ridden hard. These bikes are just plain good. Sure we could go into this endless tirade of how brilliant the attention to detail is but instead we will show you.

Baum Corretto Custom titanium bike long term review
Here sits Chad's Corretto, as winter turns to spring. Dressed in its original livery along with a little road grime to add to the character of this machine. Through it's near 3-year lifespan this bike has seen multiple groupsets, from Campagnolo Record, Shimano Dura Ace to Campagnolo Super Record as well as traveled Europe and explored the Strade Bianchi prior to the Pro Tour race.

Baum corretto custom titanium bike drivetrain
Groupset: Campagnolo Super Record

Powermeter: Discontinued Campy SRM

Chainrings: 50-34

Cassette: 12-29 Chorus cassette, especially in the winter. It just doesn't make sense to put on a $400 cassette to ride through the grime of Northern California winters.

Pulleys: Ceramic Speed. Need we say more?

Pedals: Speedplay because they're rad!

Baum corretto custom titanium bike brakes
Brakes: EE provides the caliper. These may be not the classiest visually but the performance trade-offs are second to none. They do up the ante with their routing making these brakes some of the best on the market.

Baum corretto custom titanium bike handlebars
The ergo on the Super Record Levers are perfection.

Baum corretto custom titanium bicycle wheels

The Honorable Mention of the build has to be the original Campy skewer. Chad's love of these miracles of engineering runs deep so they were a no-brainer on one of his personal builds. In his words, "This is how skewers should be." *Note: If you'd like to sell yours, Chad would be happy to take them off your hands.

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper bike review if we didn't talk about weight. In full training set up, with the alloy wheel and SRM power meter, the bike checks in at 7.39 kg. Not bad, especially for a metal bike.


Baum corretto custom titanium bike rear viewBaum Corretto Custom titanium bicycle front view

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