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Bike of the Week: BRG Orbis!!!

Derek Yarra |

For as long as hand built titanium bicycles have been around they've been referenced as a "forever bike," thanks to the material's nearly nonexistent fatigue rate, corrosion resistance, fantastic ride quality, and if we're being frank, the monetary investment often associated with them. That longevity is one of the main reasons we champion titanium bikes so heavily. We love riding them, and we love when clients bring in their decade-or-two old bike into the shop for a component upgrade, and after a bit of TLC, they look indistinguishable from some of the brand new bikes on our showroom floor.

While a quality titanium bike truly can bring you a lifetime of joy on the road, we can't hide from the fact that technology changes, component standards change, sometimes we just want to try something new. In the case of the rider of our featured bike here, he was already coming from a wonderfully crafted titanium machine. He already had is "forever bike" but was ready for something new. With his expectations for a custom bike already set high, we went out to build up this masterpiece to deliver all the quality of his last bike... and then some. We need to build him something more modernized, more trick, and even more special.

Enter the Baum Orbis. The disc braked counterpart to their flagship Corretto. Titanium bikes have come a long, long way. Despite being built by hand, using traditional techniques, Baum and other builders are creating metal bikes with every bit of contemporary performance as carbon manufacturers.

Made to measure from the ground up, we start every Baum Orbis and Corretto process ensuring that all details of the fit and ride performance are thoroughly calculated for Baum to translate into the rider's perfect machine. While the heart of a Baum lies in the design and craftsmanship of the frame itself, let's not forget that perfection doesn't stop there. The exterior finish work is just as much a part of the personalization, and often times the step that can take the most thought. Michael, our service manager, worked closely with our client on multiple variations of the paint. Below is a glimpse into the rendering process.

Ultimately, the decision was made to use British Racing Green as the primary color with a deep metallic red accenting the tips and finally outlined with a bright glossy white. Without a doubt, one of the most elegant combinations we've seen come to life.  

The drivetrain is Shimano Ultegra, through and through. In this case, opting for a traditionally cabled shift system. There's something about the buttery smooth action of Shimano mechanical drivetrains that make it feel fantastic when on the road.

Part of the modern accoutrement over his previous bike is the disc brakes. Shimano's latest rotors have quite a unique and futuristic look. As the demand for the components to keep getting smaller and lighter, they've come up with some pretty interesting ways to keep the system cool and performing with perfection.

The custom built wheels feature the ever beloved Chris King R45 hubs, in red, which Baum meticulously matched in their paint choice. They are laced to the light yet stout HED Belgium rims, easily our most favored alloy choice. Adding an even extra special touch of personalization, the two spoke nipples surrounding the valve stem are anodized red, while the rest are all black.

So will this stick as the forever bike this time around? Only time will tell, but we can assure you the bike is definitely built to last for the long haul.

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