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Picking the Perfect Gravel Wheels: The Enve AR vs G Series

Derek Yarra |

Spend anytime looking at our personal bikes or our client gravel builds and it's instantly clear that we're big fans of Enve wheels. But with two different line ups, the AR and G series, it's not always easy deciding which direction to go. Make no mistake, they're both incredible options, but they both cater to different niche gravel needs. To help clarify the confusion, Derek and Brennan get into the nitty gritty of why they chose either option for their personal gravel rigs of choice.

Brennan has been racing around the country all season, competing against the top names in American gravel. For him, the speed, stiffness, and overall aero benefits lead him to choose the the deeper dish variant of the ARs—the 4.5s, on his Mosaic GT-1.

brennan enve ar45

While Derek still finds benefits in the G series for racing, he also prioritizes their smoothness and durability for tackling technical mountain bike trails. For him, the G23s are the perfect fit for his Open WIDE. 

Derek enve g23

Which set sounds right for your rig? Whether you're looking for speed or looking to shred, Enve has a fantastic gravel wheel for you. Let us know in the comments which Enve wheel you'd prefer to roll on your gravel rig. For any questions on Enve, or any of our other wheel offerings, feel free to reach out and we'd be happy to help you out!

enve AR vs G series wheels

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