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So far it’s a solo ride.

Twelve Days of Breathtaking Builds—Day 7: An Enve and EPS Sarto Seta Plus

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From a colorful, titanium, rim brake bike, we move along to a grey-scale carbon disc brake bike. Equally custom, equally Campagnolo, equally rad—all just in a very different way. We built this Sarto Seta Plus specially for the Enve Builders Summit show earlier this year.

The theme on this bike was simply to keep it clean. A beautifully simple paint scheme to accentuate the frame's sleek lines and cable-free appearance. A set of Enve 3.4 ARs are the perfect pairing for a super fast road bike with a inclining to get dirty. Paired with a set of oversized Challenge tires, it makes quite the all-road set up, nicely showcasing the Seta Plus's ample tire clearance.

Every Sarto is custom built in Italy, so it was only fitting that the bike be finished off with a Super Record EPS kit. 

12 days day 6 sarto seta plus enve

12 days sarto seta plus Enve

sarto seta plus enve

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