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So far it’s a solo ride.

Twelve Days of Breathtaking Build—Day 6: An Extra Custom Baum Corretto

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We've done a number of spectacular, one of a kind, Baum builds in our time, though this might be the most unique one yet. While we've long loved Buam's standard paint schemes, when someone wants something even more unique, we're not going to get in their way. This Baum Corretto made its way from Australia to Velocolour in Toronto, before arriving here in Sausalito. During that detour, it got a colorful make over, in typical Velocolour fashion. 

The mesmerizing paint is finished off with a Super Record EPS drivetrain and a set of custom Enve 2.2 and White Industries wheels. This is quite literally the freshest bike out of our workshop, so stay tuned for a forthcoming post where we'll do a deep dive into the details. 

12 days baum corretto velocolour

12 days day 6 baum corretto velocolour

12 days baum corretto velocolour vertical