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So far it’s a solo ride.

The Very First Moots RSL: Headed Our Way

Anthony Little |

While it's not exactly going to save lives or pull the country out of our economic malaise, we're excited to say that, before too long we expect to have our hands on the very first (non-demo) Moots Vamoots RSL to be shipped to a dealer.

We've been waiting since the Interbike show last September to take delivery and probably nobody except the owner of the world's most high performance titanium bike is more excited than we are to unpack what hopes to be the best titanium frame ever produced.

While the new RSL reaches into new ground for Moots, it does so in a way that is totally Moots. Everything about this new 1175-ish-gram frame says Moots: the crazy attention to detail, the beautiful and simple lines, achieving a low weight without harming ride quality, the clean finish and now iconic MOOTS decals.

OK. We're stoked. Here's a few (small) images that we posted to Twitter, but wanted to keep stored on the blog for everyone to see:

The RSL as it starts life in Moots' Colorado factory.

All of the internally butted Reynolds tubing for the RSL is custom drawn and is all lighter and larger in diameter than the tubing that came before it. The seat tube for example, is 9% larger in diameter and 15% lighter!

Moots have even relieved the headbadge for decreased weight. Hmmmm. Could make a good retrofit to an existing frame.

If there's any question whether the BB30 bottom bracket standard has taken the world by storm, it just got answered. When Moots goes to a press fit, oversized bottom bracket it's proven to be all of the things its proponents claim. Namely, it allows designers to create lighter and stiffer frames. Moots say the bottom bracket on the RSL is 35% stiffer and 5% lighter than that used on the SL.

Thanks in part to the BB30 bottom bracket shell, the stays on the RSL are said to be 22% larger and 9% lighter than those found on an SL.

The still unfinished, beauty shot. Can't wait to get 'er in and built. Lightest Moots ever? Sure, but we're also guessing it's the best riding.

Stay tuned for more details as we put it together.
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