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The Q36.5 Salopette Miles Bib

Anthony Little |

Not much longer than a year ago we came across a new and aspiring cycling apparel brand coming from the city of Bolzano, Italy - Q36.5. A little bit of research revealed it was clear they were taking the performance of cycling kit to new and higher levels. After getting our first samples and riding the stuff ourselves, there was no question that it needed to be our mission to bring these garments into the States. We have been absolutely in love with their products ever since.


One of the most exciting parts of working with a new and emerging brand is getting to see their line develop and expand right before our eyes. When we first brought them in, they had just one bib, the Salopette L1 Essential, that you've seen us raving so strongly about. It continues to be the most advanced and technical pair of shorts on the market and without a doubt remains a favorite for all of us here. That said, it should go without saying that no two cyclists are the same, and that comfort is subjective, so having options in a line is critical. The L1 bib has a notably compressive fit that we find amazing, but again, is not necessarily for everyone. For riders looking the the highest quality apparel but prefer a more familiar feel of a traditional lycra bib, The Salopette Mlies bib is the answer.


The primary difference is in the textiles and a differently designed hem. While the original L1 bib is constructed of a revolutionary high density woven fabric, the Miles bib is made from a low volume flat knit material. So what does this mean in reality? Thanks to this difference, the Miles bib offers a more relaxed feel that is more similar to bibs you might already be familiar with... only better.


Rest assured, there is no drop in performance here. Like all Q36.5 apparel, these bibs are crafted to the highest standards using on the best materials, procedures, and care. It even shares the same incredible chamois as the existing L1. The L1 bib is the most durable and impressive bib we've tested, and the new Miles bib is no different.


An added byproduct of this difference in materials is that it also makes for a less expensive piece. No drop in quality, just a little bit more affordable. That makes these bibs the perfect option as an introduction into the Q36.5 line.


At the end of the day, it comes down to choices. Do you want the modern and compressive fit of the L1 or the more traditionally relaxed fit of the new Miles? Luckily you do not need to choose between quality as they are both as good as it gets. It just simply comes down to how you prefer your gear to feel. If you get a chance to come by our shop, you definitely need to check out the Miles bib, along with the rest of the Q36.5 line. As always, feel free to reach out of there's any more you want to know!

You can shop the bibs on our website. They're offered in a more traditional black, and Gregarious Green.


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