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So far it’s a solo ride.

Pegoretti's Limited Edition AC Paint

Anthony Little |

If you’ve followed cycling for any reasonable length of time, there’s no question that Dario Pegoretti’s name rings familiar as one of the most storied frame builders in the business.  From the numerous grand tour stages wins taken aboard his machines to the magically unique paint jobs that grace his steel tubes, Dario’s name is synonymous with both the pinnacle of performance as well as masterful artistry.

From old PC 1155

We at AC are incredibly fortunate to have had a long, close relationship with Dario. So close that we’ve had one of the only racing teams in the world that he was willing to officially sponsor. Through this long-standing partnership between Dario and us, we are very excited to release our latest collaboration, the Above Category paint scheme. Exclusively available through us, we are proud to offer all Pegoretti models in this limited finish.


Shown here in the form of a Marcelo, this is our first arrival from Italy in this new paint.


Dario's paint schemes generally fall into two categories. Clean and geometric like "Catch the Spider" and "Somebody" or more free form like "Ciavete" and "Baci".


In addition to being our first sampling of this limited paint job, this particular bicycle also features the launch of our build kit program. We are now offering pre set built kits as an option to simplify our bike buying process, and offering you a bit of a price break, rather than going through a fully custom component selection process.


This bike in particular features our Campagnolo Record build kit, which features an complete Campy Record build kit,  Campagnolo Bora One wheels, and a Fizik R1 cockpit. Our additional offerings will include the Chorus kit, with Shamal wheels and an R3 cockpit, or the flagship Super Record Kit, accompanied with Bora Ultra wheels and a Fizik 00 cockpit. We will be sharing more details on our build kit packages in an upcoming post.


As mentioned above, this is our first arrival in our collaboration pant and this bike is available for sale as you see it here. If you have any questions on getting one of these limited edition Pegorettis, or any Pegorettis for that matter, be sure to send us an email or give us a call. As always, we're also happy to have you drop by our showroom and see just how gorgeous this bike looks in the flesh.


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