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So far it’s a solo ride.

Recent AC Rides Round-Up

Jim Merithew |

What does one do when they have out-of-town guests coming to visit?

Well, if you’re Above Category, you order some baked goods and coffee from Equator, pull out and pour over all of your favorite routes to pick the perfect balance between beautiful and epic, and you make sure your friends bring a fleet of bikes with them so everyone gets a chance to experience the custom bike bliss.

We were lucky enough to do all this twice in recent days. It started with a visit from the Mosaic duo of Aaron Barcheck and Mark Currie, who rolled north after a weekend of Sea Otter bike racing and sunshine. They brought so much titanium goodness with them that it was hard to know which direction to drool in. The weather was spectacular, and the route, just out the door of AC, was, dare we say, perfect. You should definitely go download this mixed terrain route and ride it - immediately.

Next up was a visit from Santiago Toro, the passion behind all things Scarab Bicycles. And once again, the weather could not have been any nicer. It was a bluebird morning, and after ogling the myriad of Scarabs in all shapes, sizes, and colors and getting the gist from Santi, we headed for Alpine Dam. The group was brisk but friendly, and almost everyone agreed it was the type of day you dream of. Other dreams are available.

It was a great couple of rides. Stay tuned as we have more custom bikes and fun rides in the works.

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