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Open X Enve: The Limited Edition WI.DE is Here

Derek Yarra |

Open X Enve WI.DE Collab

All to often "collabs" are nothing more than fluff, unmemorable fodder for the hype beasts and blogospheres. But when gravel titans Open and Enve came together for this limited edition WI.DE, it was a match up we could actually get behind.

Introducing the Open X Enve limited edition WI.DE. Taking the renowned Open WI.DE platform, paired with Enve's incomparable Adventure fork, and dressing them up in a limited topographical finish. With more utility than ever before, this LE WI.DE is ready to embark on your wildest back country excursions, while looking damn good doing it.

These things are limited. Like, really limited. Only 100 exist world wide, only 50 made it into the US, and we've got a small run of them on their way here to AC. All that is to say these things are going to sell out faster than a Supreme X Louis Vuitton handbag.

We're offering these limited frame exclusively as complete bikes, built up with a full suite of Enve cockpit and wheels. The drive train and finishing details? We'll leave the choice for that entirely up to you (though we'll of course be here to consult with guidance and recommendations).

Open Enve WIDE back angle

Purchasing the frame acts as your deposit on the build. Once an order has been placed, we'll follow up to discuss the rest of the details. Act fast because once these things are gone, they'll be gone for good!

Claim yours here!

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