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So far it’s a solo ride.

Introducing the Disc Brake Pegoretti

Peter Harrington |

When Bob Dylan showed up with an electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival on July 25, 1965, it's fair to say that people freaked out. That guitar, a three-color sunburst Fender Stratocaster, heralded a new sonic era for the formerly unplugged singer/songwriter. And his fans hated it. They said he'd sold out. They screamed, cried and threw things. Someone tried to cut the power. Finally, after three songs, he left the stage.

pegoretti disc silo

In the bike world, we have our own version of the acoustic/electric debate, albeit one that is not so much musical as occasionally squeaky. We're talking, of course, about rim brakes vs disc brakes. And the reason we mention it is because Pegoretti, a road purist's marque if ever there was one, has released disc brake editions of their Round and Responsorium stainless steel road bike frames.

Many will cover their eyes; most will like the new options because here's the truth: rim or disc, there is no best. They both have their plus points. On a dry road, rim brakes are hard to beat. Likewise, when conditions are mixed, a disc excels. Some think discs look sexy. I, for one, love the look of rim brakes. Go figure! So it's worth remembering that just like Dylan's decision to wield a Strat instead of an acoustic, whichever brake system you use is a preference, not an upgrade.

pietro and rider

At Above Category, we're pleased to see Pegoretti release disc editions of two of our favorite frames. That they've done it in a way that maintains the clean lines and characteristics for which the brand is revered should come as no surprise. I mean, just look at that fork, a disc-version of Pegoretti's revered Falz. It really is quite beautiful.

pegoretti disc

The question remains, why now? According to Pegoretti's Pietro Pietricola, it was a question of time and technology. "We're asked pretty regularly about making a disc brake model," he told us. "But we had to wait for the braking systems to mature and think about how we might create a disc frame that still looked, felt and rode like a Pegoretti."

pegoretti disc riding

And does it? We'll be finding out soon enough when we receive the first Above Category Pegoretti disc frame. Until then, if you'd like to inquire about your own disc (or rim) brake Pegoretti, drop us a line. Orders are now open.

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