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Bike of the Week: A Sky Blue Ciavete Pegoretti

Derek Yarra |

This week we're thrilled to showcase yet another dream build originating from the Pegoretti Bottega. An immaculate Marcelo with an absolutely phenomenal paint job, dripping in Campagnolo's finest. Follow along as we detail the build.

sky blue ciavete pegoretti BAAW

A Marcelo Masterpiece

At the core of the build is the Marcelo frame. Stout oversized steel tubes yield incredible stiffness and response while still providing a signature steel smooth ride. But on the surface, the paint is simply astonishing. There's so much detail here. The overlaid layers are incredible but we especially love the texture of the brush strokes on the blue base coat.

pegoretti frame details

Full Fizik

While we don't adhere to any hard or fast rules, we often like to complete Pegoretti builds with Italian components. In the case of this machine, we went with faithful hardware from Fizik: an R1 bar and stem are paired with a 00 seat post and saddle. 

fizik cockpit

Super Shifting

Following that Italian theme, this bike is built with a full Campagnolo Super Record kit. Mechanical shifting and rim brakes keep with the classic inspiration, but as we all know this twelve speed system is packed with contemporary performance.

campagnolo super record

Rolling on 60s

To maintain top speed, we've equipped this bike with deep section Campagnolo Bora WTO 60 wheels. Stiff, fast, and exceptionally beautiful, they're locked in with the ever robust Campagnolo quick releases and wrapped in Vittoria rubber.

campagnolo bora 60 wto

The Finishing Touches

To spice things up, we've shed some weight and added a pop of color with a Phenum headset compression nut and top cap. At the rear derailleur we freed up some speed with a set of CeramicSpeed pulleys.

pegoretti build details

It really doesn't get much sweeter than this! A stunning handcrafted steel steed, born from one of the most legendary workshops in cycling history. Topped off with a sensational one of a kind paint job and a top shelf Campagnolo build, it's as much a treat on the road as it is for the eyes.

Our rider came down from Seattle to pick it up in person and we had the pleasure of showing them our incredible Marin roads for its maiden voyage. As always, don't hesitate to reach out with any Pegoretti questions you might have. We're here to help.


Hungry for more images of this sweet  machine? Head to the gallery here.

sky blue pegoretti footer

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