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Bike of the Week: A Viking Blue Pinarello F11

Derek Yarra |

Hitting top gear, diving into corners, and hammering over rollers. There's nothing like being out on the open and giving it full gas. The exhilaration of the speed and the determination of giving it all you've got is what draws many of us to throw a leg over the bike. What makes it all the sweeter? When the steed beneath you is as inspired as you are. This week we're pleased to share our latest Pinarello build. A thoroughly customized Dogma inspired revving engines and watching speedometer needle climb.

pinarello f11 header

The Blue and Gold F11

Despite bicycles being a freeing escape from vehicles, cyclists have long drawn inspiration from the automotive world. Our rider for this bike is a car guy through and through, and this bike shows it. Drawing from various eras and styles, this one of a kind Dogma came to be through the hands of our partners at Vélocolour. The base colors come from American classics. The Viking Blue comes from a 71 Oldsmobile 442. The interior of the "wheel wells" see a contrasting Cadillac Topaz gold. While the love for American muscle is clear, the logos draw inspiration from a totally different direction. That dark metallic blue comes from a 2015 Porsche 911. Further nodding to his love for German speed, the custom "F11" graphics.

viking blue Pinarello F11 frame and paint

The Cockpit

The current Dogma is an integrated machine, so naturally this bike gets the proprietary MOST seatpost and one piece Talon Ultra bar/stem. Deda tape provides the grip while a Fizik Antares R1 provides the place to perch.

pinarello dogma f11 most cockpit

The Drivetrain

As the paint is inspired by varying generations of iconic cars, in a way, the drivetrain is too. Stripped down like a classic three-on-the-tree column shifter of muscle cars of the past, this Dogma sports minimal Sram 1x drivetrain. Simple, yes, however clearly modern with its twelve rear cogs, wireless functionality, and contemporary paddle shifts like today's modern sports cars.

 pinarello f11 sram red axs 1x

The Wheels

It should go without saying that on a bike like this, it's only fitting to be outfitted with a fast set of aero wheels. In this case, we went with a pair of Zipp 404 NSWs, the mid-depth offering from the stalwarts of speed. The sporty styling complements the bikes simplistic paint and Zipps are always right at home amongst a Sram build.

One area our rider didn't want to compromise on was tire durability. This bike is meant to ridden on streets both smooth and rough, after all. So the call was made for a pair of 28c Continetal Gatorskins.

zipp 404 nsw wheels gatorskin continental 

The Extras

Rounding out the build, you'll find some of our signature AC touches. The 1x driveline is souped up with a Ceramicspeed OSPW system and bottom bracket. Keeping hydration locked in, Arundel Mandible cages. 

pinarello dogma f11 build details

With so much inspiration from high speed machines, there's no doubt this bike will be moving fast and we can't wait to see it out on the road. Few things bring us as much joy as taking a top shelf performance bike like the Pinarello Dogma, and turning it into something truly unique and completely personalized to match the passions of its rider. If a custom project like this looks like something that you're after, you know just where to call!

dogma f11 custom paint baaw pinarello dogma f11 viking blue details

dogma f11 back angle

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