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So far it’s a solo ride.

2010 BMC Pro Machine

Anthony Little |

Here are a bunch of Photo's from Dean Bentley of the 2010 BMC Pro Machine that I built up last weekend. We are so psyched on this bike and the color for this year, so much nicer in person than in the catalogue. If you like blue this is a bike you should really take a look at. More than that though, if you like smooth but stiff bikes this is one of the best out there. Yes, the new Team Machine is amazing, maybe even one of the best overall new bikes to come out this year, but the Pro Machine should not be overlooked. More on that later, for now, enjoy the photo's...

Built this bike w/ a Campagnolo Super Record group set, Campagnolo Hyperon One wheels (amazing wheels, nicest carbon clinchers out there in our opinion), Deda bar and stem, Vittoria Open Corse clinchers, and San Marco Aspide saddle. Weight as you see it, 15.02lbs. Picture makes the front end look a little tall, but that's about 8cm of drop w/ a 14cm stem. The frame is a 51.5cm.

Easton EC90SLX fork. For sure not the stiffest out there, but possibly the smoothest. It is uncanny how smooth this bike is, esp. w/ the Campagnolo Hyperon wheels. Descending on this bike is great, I just find that I change my technique a little to compensate for the fork. If you are used to the ultra overly stiff overly sized head tubes and fork crowns out there it may take a few rides to get up to speed, but once you do you'll be rewarded to one of the smoothest descending bikes out there. 14cm Deda Zero stem and Deda Zero 100 bars in white. Perfect match for the frame. Same with the Deda tape in baby blue. Even the riders who could care less about the aesthetics of their bikes have come into the shop and commented on how nice this one looks...

Weather you are into this paint scheme or not, you have to hand it to BMC for stepping out of the box a bit here. It's interesting to us why they only did it with this model. The new Team Machine is a beautiful frame but is back to the standard black/white or black/red. So, hopefully we'll sell a bunch of these and show them it can work! Don't be afraid to stand out a little!

Just cutting off this little nub of steer tube on top of the stem and I should get under 15lbs... then I'll show all the skinny little climber types!

nanosolve molecules, pretty cool stuff I'm sure. Whatever you call it though, it works, this bike is about as smooth as it gets. A really fun bike to ride...

Powder blue...

Nice rear end


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