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Ceramicspeed UFO Bike Wash, 500ml

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The Ceramicspeed UFO Bike Wash, 500ml

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The Ceramicspeed UFO Bike Wash is an eco-friendly, scent-free foaming bike soap, tested and approved for all bicycle surfaces. It’s an AC staple we’re proud to stand behind (the alternative leads to wet clothes).

On a philosophical note, cleaning your bike is highly relaxing. Down your phone, pick up a sponge, and let the gentle motion of the suds send waves of pleasure to you, the universe and passing strangers on the street, who will note your air of calm and think: “My, that person is admirably relaxed. I would also like to be that relaxed. I will go home and clean my bike in the same manner.”



  • Eco-friendly bike wash
  • No scent or perfume
  • Approved for all bicycle surfaces
  • A gateway to sudsy satisfaction 


  • Begin by rinsing the bike with water to soften any dried mud and debris.
  • Thoroughly shake the bottle before use.
  • Spray a brush or sponge 3-4 times with the foaming UFO Bike Wash and gently scrub the bike, starting with painted surfaces, metal surfaces, and finally the wheels and tires. Repeat until the whole bike is covered in soapy foam. You will have up to 30 washes in one bottle using this method.
  • When the bike is soapy let it sit for 3-5 minutes to break down dirt and grease. Avoid contact with disc brake rotors.
  • Rinse the bike thoroughly with water and dry it with a clean towel.

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